Average Dutch height

The Netherlands has held the number one position on the average height chart since many years. Have you ever wondered how the Dutch are so tall? Let’s answer this question in the next article of Debametulam

What is the average Dutch height?

The average height of Dutch men is 1.84m. Female is 1.70m. This is the country with the highest ranking for height. The Netherlands holds the top position in terms of height for many years.

It is not known that the average height of the Netherlands was the lowest in the world 200 years ago. Military data shows that the average height of the Netherlands has increased by 20 cm in just 150 years. This compares with the 6cm growth rate of American men over 150 years. It shows how quickly the Dutch have developed.

The Dutch, because of their unusual height, are often referred to as “giant people”, especially when they are compared to countries with low average height like Vietnam. The Dutch have many advantages both in life and work thanks to their superior height. Height can also be influenced by genes. The Dutch have been able to achieve the extraordinary height of their predecessors, which gives them the opportunity to be crowned the tallest in the world.


Why are the Dutch the tallest people in the world?

Milk to increase height

Most Dutch people love milk. Out of habit, they drink milk several times a day. According to statistics, one-sixth of Dutch food spending is accounted for by the purchase of milk. The Netherlands ranks first in the European Union for dairy consumption.

The high levels of calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D and protein in milk are all beneficial for the development of the skeletal system. They also promote height growth. Dutch people can get the nutrition they need to grow tall, have strong bones and grow well. Strong growth in height.

Genetic factors

Studies show that Dutch women with superior height give birth to more children than other countries. They believe that natural selection played an important role in the rapid growth of the Dutch.

23% of the height factor is influenced by genetics. If tall people have many children, their children will also inherit the tall gene. Their children will go on to have many children. Tall genes are inherited and highly developed.

Training mode

The Netherlands is the “kingdom of bicycles”. The Netherlands is known as the “kingdom of bicycles” even though the Dutch population used to be 17 million. However, there are already more than 20 million bicycles in the country. The Dutch believe that bicycles are the best means of transportation if they can go under 7km.

The Dutch have a habit of cycling because they are aware of the loss and trauma caused by car accidents, especially for children. Bicycles are considered as a safe, environmentally and socially friendly means of transport, good for health. There are many routes that cyclists can use in the Netherlands. These routes are linked together to form a safe and convenient traffic corridor.

Cycling is a great form of exercise that promotes health and natural height growth. The lower body is stimulated by cycling. Strong bones and excellent growth. The Dutch have a long history of riding bicycles from an early age, which helps them maintain their daily height training and supports their child’s height growth.

Life quality

According to a study conducted by Health Consumer Powerhouse in Sweden, the Netherlands offers the best healthcare services in Europe. The Netherlands was ranked number one among the 34 countries with the highest health consumption index in Europe in 2012.

The Netherlands spends more than 10% of GDP on health. In the Netherlands, there is compulsory insurance and free health care for children under 18. Dutch children have good height growth thanks to scientific and methodical health care methods during development. height development. This is another factor that shows the Dutch have a higher quality of life than other countries.


Why is the height of the Dutch decreasing day by day?

A report by the Netherlands Statistics Office (NIPH) shows that the average height of the Dutch is 1m82.9, 1 cm less than the male born in 1981. The height of the female born in 2001 is 169, 3cm. This figure is 1.4cm lower than women born in 1980.

Experts attribute this decrease in height to an increase in immigration levels. The average height of the Netherlands has decreased slightly due to many young people immigrating from other countries.

However, many young Dutch people do not eat a healthy diet. This causes their height to be underdeveloped. Height can also be affected by environmental instability, pollution and growth.

Experts in the Netherlands urge everyone, even immigrants, to change their lives, increase exercise and eat healthy. Do not learn by way of weight loss, dieting and untested learning. Health care is essential for height growth. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the issue of health protection is gradually becoming more important.