Can I grow taller at 20 years old?

Many people at this age who have not yet reached the required height wonder if they can grow taller at 20, and this is a common question. Is there any potential for height growth during this adulthood? The following article on provides a detailed solution to this problem.

At what age does height stop growing?

Both males and females begin to grow in height starting at the fetal stage and continuing until they are about 20 years old. which includes the fetal period, the first 1000 days of life, and puberty which is three times of rapid growth. During these times, pay attention to your health because height will have a significant breakthrough.

After the age of 20, most of us stop growing in height because the ends of the long bones, which used to have cartilage, now have bones attached to them and can no longer grow. In addition, the amount of growth hormone secreted during this time is less than in the past. As a result, now that you are over 20 years old, you should accept your current height.


What is the average height of a man and a woman at the age of 20?

The average adult height is equal to the standard height at the age of 20. Adult men are currently 1m77 tall, while women are 1m63. You measure your current height and compare with these figures to see if you have reached the required height.

At the age of 20, there is really little chance to grow taller; even if it happens, the chances are very modest. If you are still increasing your height, you should focus on using quick height increase techniques so that you can get superior height as you get bigger.

How to increase height at the age of 20

You can apply the following techniques to increase height in your 20s:

Enhance the nutritional value of meals

The nutrients necessary for the body to grow and develop can be obtained from daily meals. You can achieve great height as an adult if you eat a varied and nutritious diet that includes foods that are beneficial for your height.

Four important nutrients needed to increase height are protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Eat whatever you want without being picky. This has a negative impact on health and reduces the chances of getting taller by age 20.


Drink a lot of milk

Milk and dairy products, including cheese and yogurt, are nutritious and healthy. Especially milk has a lot of calcium and protein that will support a healthy body, strong bones, good height growth.

In your 20s, you should consume a lot of cheese, yogurt and drink 2-3 glasses of milk per day to increase height. Make sure to use milk with little or no sugar.

Avoid drinking carbonated soft drinks

No matter how much you love this drink, you should moderate your use. Osteoporosis is caused by phosphoric acid in carbonated soft drinks which reduces bone density. In addition, many of its components are sugar and chemicals, which increase weight, reduce calcium levels in bones, harm health and have a number of other dangerous negative effects. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid drinking carbonated soft drinks while trying to get taller around the age of 20.

Take dietary supplements as directed

Food supplements have the effect of promoting height growth and improving health. If you cannot consistently ensure a healthy diet, taking supplements will provide your body with a lot of nutrition, promoting rapid and strong bone growth.

However, it is important to use this product properly: Take it every day at the right time, pay attention to eating right, and get enough rest. In addition, choosing high-quality supplements with clear origin is paramount in the process of increasing height at the age of 20.

Full rest

While losing sleep for a few days won’t stop you from growing taller, sleeping less and later will often lead to health problems and shorter stature. Growth hormone is produced by the body while you sleep. Your hormone level will drop if you don’t get enough sleep and your height growth rate will be lower.

When you are 20 years old, you should sleep for 7-9 hours a day, sleeping nonstop at night. Your bedroom is neat, spacious and the ideal temperature will promote a good night’s sleep.

Exercise regularly

Daily exercise has various benefits, including promoting growth hormone synthesis and strengthening the body’s muscles and bones, all of which are great for increasing height naturally.

You should exercise for at least an hour a day. Choose physical activities that stretch your body, such as yoga, pull-ups, swimming, and jumping rope.

Exercising not only helps you get taller, but it also has other positive effects on your health, including boosting your metabolism, removing harmful substances, and improving blood circulation.

Add more water

The ideal water for physical development is filtered water. Drinking 2-3 liters of water a day helps to break down and transport nutrients, remove toxins from the body through urine and sweat, lubricate the skeletal system, and cushion the vertebrae. This factor is certain; Your height will increase significantly as you get bigger, making it easier for you to be taller.

Limit the use of stimulants

Alcohol, beer, coffee, smoke and other stimulant products will affect your health and the effectiveness of the height increase technique. It limits the absorption of nutrients, reduces the amount of calcium in the bones and reduces the body’s ability to absorb calcium. To achieve the desired height as an adult, avoid stimulants and prioritize healthy foods.

Bone lengthening surgery

It is not recommended to increase height in this way because of the risk and cost. However, if your height is too small and increasing it is the main goal you want to achieve, you may want to think about it.

Leg bones will be sliced ​​during the bone lengthening process, and specialized devices will be fitted to adjust the bone length according to the bone’s self-healing mechanism. Since the safe rate is limited to 1mm per day, it takes about 10 days for the bones to grow by 1cm. The specific apparatus is removed once the required height has been reached and you begin the healing process by performing physical therapy exercises.

Bone lengthening can take up to a year. Several hundred million to billions of dong are spent on this “height remodeling”. Risks include wound infection, long or short legs, gangrene and ugly scars. Consider your options carefully before trying to elevate yourself in this way.

Habits that adversely affect height at the age of 20

Eating too much food with low nutritional value

Regularly eating foods such as pizza, mixed rice paper, milk tea, … is a terrible habit that slows you down in height. Junk food has low nutritional value but contains a lot of fats, spices, preservatives and other ingredients that are harmful to health and slow down the natural growth of children. On the other hand, consuming junk food makes us feel full faster, causing us to eat less during the main meal. As a result, the skeletal system lacks important nutrients, making it impossible for us to grow taller naturally.

Lazy to exercise

Regular exercise is a good technique to get taller. The chances of reaching your ideal height are relatively low if you don’t exercise. Bone density and bone growth cannot be optimized when the skeletal system does not have adequate muscle activation and force.


Wrong way to live

You may appear shorter than you really are when you improperly stand, lie down, sit and carry heavy objects. The spine is curved due to not growing to its full length. When walking, standing or sitting, try to keep your head, neck and back in a straight line. To avoid putting undue pressure on the spine, it is advisable to transport heavy loads while standing upright and with only the knees bent.

Excessive masturbation

The group of subjects with a high masturbation rate are young people going through puberty. Masturbation in general is not a terrible thing. However, too much masturbation can have negative effects. Excessive masturbation can lead to addiction, affect psychological health, disrupt the functioning of the central nervous system and the area that controls arousal of the brain, impair memory and concentration.

Regular masturbation is done in the early morning, this interferes with the pituitary gland’s ability to produce growth hormone and causes insomnia and insufficient sleep. As a result, the height becomes less developed.

Less exposure to the sun

Vitamin D is produced by the skin with the help of sunlight, which improves the absorption of calcium by the bones. Daily sun exposure will ensure that the bones have enough vitamin D and calcium, which promote bone health and height growth. The possibility of vitamin D deficiency, which adversely affects natural height growth, is greater if you are not a person who enjoys sunbathing.

Always wear tight clothes

Clothes that are too tight not only make us feel uncomfortable, but also have a negative effect on our height naturally. Clothes that are too tight and materials that are not stretchy will hinder blood circulation and joint movement, making it difficult to move and rest. In some severe cases, wearing the wrong clothes can even cause the spine to curve and can lead to a variety of serious bone and joint disorders.

For outstanding height growth, it is important to pay attention to everyday clothing, especially clothes for exercise and relaxation.

At the age of 20, growing taller is no longer a simple matter. The chance to increase height is not much. However, the best techniques for getting taller in your 20s focus on helping you develop a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Therefore, even if increasing your height may not be as feasible as you had hoped, it will certainly aid in enhancing your beauty, fitness and overall health. Wish you always healthy and soon overcome the expected height.