Can Masturbation Stunt My Growth?

Masturbation is one of the acts of self-indulgence that often occurs in children aged 13-15 years. So how often does masturbation affect height? How does masturbation cause negative effects on health and height? Let’s find out more details with in the following article

What is masturbation?

Masturbation is touching the genitals of the body in both men and women for pleasure without having to have intercourse with the opposite sex. Masturbation is a common sexual behavior among both sexes in childhood, adolescence, adulthood and all ages. Studies show that almost all men and three-quarters of women have masturbated at some point in their lives. Because masturbation is an important sexual activity for people to explore their bodies, learn what feels good in sex and how to achieve orgasm.


Does masturbation affect height?

Although masturbation is one of the normal actions in both sexes, if you overdo it, especially masturbating early or during puberty too much, this will have a negative effect. for growth and development.

For men, early exposure to masturbation and improper masturbation control will cause the body to lose a large amount of calcium and protein rapidly, and the process of absorbing and using calcium by the bones is also affected. enjoy.

Excessive masturbation in adolescence can also affect hormone secretion and lead to early puberty, which causes the body to develop early, thereby affecting height growth. It can also cause some physical development problems such as growth retardation, stunting, growth retardation, short stature, emaciation, etc. Therefore, it is best to give up masturbation in time, which can be done by increasing exercise and sports, and at the same time, exercise also has the effect of promoting bone development.

What are the benefits of masturbation?

There is some limited research on the benefits of masturbation. However, masturbation in a healthy way is considered a harmless sexual activity. It can help people relax physically and mentally

  • Can reduce stress
  • Sleep can be adjusted
  • Can improve mood
  • Can increase relaxation
  • Can relieve sexual tension
  • Can help you become self-aware about sex
  • May allow the person to control their sexual desires and needs.
  • Can correct premature or late ejaculation

Effects of frequent masturbation

Too much masturbation can have bad effects on the body. For example, masturbation easily causes a number of reproductive and sexual diseases such as prostatitis, impotence, premature ejaculation … and harms the brain such as depression, memory loss, insomnia and more dreaming, Dizziness, palpitations, inability to concentrate, etc. may also occur.

At the same time, masturbation for a long time will also cause mental burden and lead to loss of desire, this frequent ejaculation can also lead to impaired semen quality, some men may even have an increased threshold. stimulate ejaculation and not be able to ejaculate normally, thereby affecting reproductive function, possibly even causing infertility.

Therefore, during the manic period of youth, young people must remember to restrain themselves, not to masturbate excessively, not to neglect physical health to satisfy physiological and sexual needs. Sex is only part of the physiological response, but it’s not all.

Is there a cure for masturbation addiction?

Treatments for masturbation addiction can be addressed with a therapist, psychologist, and psychiatrist after consulting with a physician with expertise in sexual health. However, urological counseling should definitely be sought in masturbation-addicted men.