Does cycling increase height?


Cycling is a popular choice of exercise among young individuals aspiring to gain that extra height and elongate their legs. However, the secret to effectively using cycling as a means to achieve rapid height growth remains a mystery to many. In this journey toward discovering the hidden potential of cycling, let’s explore the profound health benefits it offers, with a particular focus on the insights shared by Debametulam. By embracing the correct cycling postures and techniques, we can unlock the incredible potential of this activity, stimulating our bones to grow and propelling us towards our height goals. So, fasten your seatbelts, as we delve into the world of cycling for height enhancement.

How does cycling affect height?

When cycling, the force is most exerted on the muscles in the legs and spine, thereby promoting bone growth. The shin and femur bones, when active continuously, will create gaps, the ends of the bones are pulled away. This gap is filled with nutrients added in a daily scientific diet, which means new bone formation, lengthening leg bones.

In a complete cycle, you need to do 4 movements: Pedal, push, pull, lift. Continuously repeated movements will stimulate motor muscles in the hamstrings, thighs, hips, abdomen… These are important parts to help the bone development process take place smoothly. The impact on the muscles, especially the leg muscles, helps to tone the muscles.

In addition, regular cycling also helps you maintain good balance and correct posture. A healthy spine is a favorable condition for high-performance movement, improving bone strength and improving bone length.

Best cycling time to increase height?

Cycling at the right time also improves exercise performance as well as limits unwanted situations. Usually, cycling in the early morning and late afternoon is recommended to apply. Because at this time, the vision of the eyes is still good, you are awake during the journey and easily recognize the obstacles on the way.

Early morning or late afternoon is also the time when the sun has softened, suitable for both exercise and sun exposure for strong bones. However, if you cycle early in the morning, the performance should only last 15-20 minutes (less than in the afternoon) because after a long night’s sleep, the joints have not really adapted to the exercise.

Proper cycling posture to effectively increase height



After you depress the pedal, you quickly bend your foot to lift the pedal up, preparing for the next cycle. Don’t be too focused on pedaling down, it will make you lose more strength, get tired more easily and make it difficult to complete a standard cycle. Cycling with the right movements, the right technique helps you save energy and relax your joints to improve motor performance and increase cycling speed.

In addition, you need to keep your back straight, avoid curvature of the spine when driving. The hand-to-handle distance matches the foot-to-pedal distance so that the posture when cycling is reasonable. Legs need to be straight when pedaling down, and arms should be extended just right when riding to achieve good strength, maintaining posture throughout the ride.


Cycling speed affects your exercise efficiency as well as your energy during your ride. You should divide a cycling session into 3 parts, in each part will apply a different speed as follows:

  • Cycle at 20-25 km/h for the first 10 minutes.
  • Cycle hard for the next 7-10 minutes.
  • In the last 10 minutes, you relax and cycle at a slow speed and then stop completely, ending the training session.

Applying cycling tips to increase height

One way to help you increase the difficulty of cycling exercises, stimulate stronger bones, is to change the saddle height. The saddle will initially be set to your current height and adaptability. However, after a while getting used to the exercise, you should raise the saddle a little more to increase the load-bearing level of the leg bones in particular, the spine and the whole body in general.

The saddle height can be raised by 0.6 – 1.2cm depending on the capacity of each person. Raising the saddle requires the practitioner to stretch more to touch the pedal with each pedal down and pull the pedal up on the next movement. Stretching is an extremely effective way to lengthen the leg bones. The culmination of the secret to raising the saddle is that you can push the pedals with the instep of your foot. Please note, do not raise the saddle more than 1.5cm.

Some things to note when cycling to increase height


Healthy eating

A scientific diet helps the body to fully supplement the nutrients needed for bone growth. Well-nourished bones will easily grow rapidly. Healthy eating is also a favorable condition for the body to have enough energy to exercise with high performance. Before cycling for 45 – 60 minutes, you can have a snack with cakes, cereals, nut milk, bananas… to have positive energy for exercise.

Have a reasonable time off

A cycling session can last 30-45 minutes to achieve the effect of increasing height. However, you should also spend 3-5 minutes resting to drink water, relax joints and recover strength to continue the journey. Each training session can take 1-2 breaks in between. In addition, after completing the cycling route, you should also rest in place for 10-15 minutes to drink water, breathe evenly, stretch muscles …

Evening sleep also needs to be taken care of to reach the recommended quality and duration. At least 8-10 hours for a night’s sleep, combined with going to bed before 10 pm will create conditions for the body to produce important growth hormones, promoting bone development. A good night’s sleep also helps you ride better the next morning.

Apply with other exercises

Combined with other forms of exercise to help you train your muscles and joints more comprehensively, impacting more places on the body. From there, the process of bone length development, muscle toning, and bone health is also improved. You can combine cycling with some other height-increasing exercises such as: Yoga, jumping rope, jogging, or playing sports (badminton, volleyball, basketball, swimming) … to increase the speed. chief.

Drink enough water

Water is a component found in bones, and at the same time participates in lubricating joints, stimulating joint cartilage development and smooth functioning of joints. Water also acts as a conduit for nutrients to be successfully transported to the target organ. Drinking enough water during and after cycling is a way to restore strength and compensate for the amount of water lost when sweating. Remember to drink enough water every day to have high-performance training energy.

The right outfit

Clothes that fit well, have good sweat-wicking materials, will make you more comfortable when cycling. You need to avoid choosing clothes that are too loose, which will make your body cumbersome and hinder the cycling process. Tight clothing also needs to be removed because it has the ability to compress the muscles, making the muscles easy to stretch, causing cramps, musculoskeletal damage when cycling. You choose a shoe that fits, soft, so that your feet are comfortable when pedaling, pushing, lifting or pulling the pedals.

Other Notes

  • Avoid cycling if you are in these cases: Body tired, sick; There is an injury; Women who are menstruating; The weather outside is too harsh…
  • Choose to cycle in an area with a fresh environment, away from noise.
  • Cycle on flat roads, avoid roughness.
  • Choose the right vehicle for your body type, preferences and adaptability.
  • Have a clear cycling training plan, should maintain 30-45 minutes/day and at least 3-5 days/week.
  • If you don’t have the opportunity to exercise outdoors, you can ride a bicycle on a machine in the gym or at home, which also brings the same effects.

Some other benefits of cycling for height


Weight loss

With 30 minutes of cycling, you can burn about 200 – 500 calories depending on the performance. As such, cycling also helps you adjust the amount of calories in your body in accordance with the recommended needs. Cycling regularly helps you maintain a reasonable weight, especially for those who are overweight.

Toned muscles

Wind resistance, vehicle weight … require the practitioner to use a stronger force to overcome. The core muscles generate stronger force, which will enhance the stability of the muscles, tone the whole body, musculoskeletal muscles, and increase strength. Improved leg strength will help you soon have slim legs.

Improve your posture

When cycling, you always have to keep the correct posture, thereby adjusting the posture continuously according to the standard. Cycling helps you train your balance, helps prevent the possibility of falling in daily activities. The flexible combination of hands, feet and back also improves coordination between organs, navigating the body more easily, limiting possible bone and joint injuries.

Protect the heart

Cycling every day helps the heart work continuously, stimulating blood to pump more to the heart. Strengthening the heart muscle is the most typical effect on the heart after a period of cycling. In addition, cycling also helps reduce blood fat, improve circulation, and prevent diseases related to blood pressure.

Improve respiratory activity

Adjusting the breath continuously during a workout helps the respiratory system to work actively. The lungs are pumped with more oxygen, helping the breathing process to go smoothly and at the same time training the ability to breathe. Regular cycling is also a way for you to improve lung performance.

Mental relaxation

The body releases endorphins and adrenaline during cycling. This helps to relax the mind, increase the feeling of comfort and joy. People who are regularly physically active have a higher happiness index than those who are inactive. So make a habit of exercising to both achieve the goal of bone development and relax your mind.

Strengthen the immune system

Cycling helps the body produce the proteins it needs to make white blood cells. The immune system is thereby improved to make you healthier, disease-free, good digestion, etc. This is a favorable condition to promote optimal growth.

Children about 5-6 years old can start learning to ride a bike and practice early to develop better bones. You should pay attention to cycling properly to ensure the right needs to increase height and at the same time enhance bone health and protect the body. Depending on your current body condition, you can apply more tips to increase height with cycling exercises, combine healthy living habits to reach your full potential soon.