Does running help increase height for children?

Jogging is one of the forms of exercise that helps you ensure 20% of the impact on height. Jogging can be done every day, suitable for almost all children and teenagers who need to improve their physique. So what are the health benefits of running and how to run for optimal growth?

Jogging is a familiar exercise in many families. Regular jogging not only helps train bones and joints but also improves overall health through supporting activities in the respiratory and cardiovascular systems… In the following article of Debametulam , you will share information. Useful around jogging.

How can running increase your height?


Lengthen the spine

Running requires you to get out of your comfort zone and keep moving. At this time, the force action takes place continuously through the bones of the legs, hips and spine. The spine is decompressed, reducing pressure on the back, straightening the back and stimulating stretching. A straight spine will create a standard posture, helping you to own a physique higher than your actual height.

For children and adolescents who are in the height growth stage, maintaining good posture is a condition for bone growth. Problems related to curvature of the spine, hunchback, etc. in children are the reasons that prevent children from increasing their height. Therefore, the habit of regular jogging will help children deal with health conditions in the spine, maintain strength and strengthen stretching.

Boosts natural growth hormone

One of the benefits of running to improve height is its ability to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone naturally. This is a condition for children to develop a more favorable height. However, the production of hormones also depends on the distance of running and the diet you follow at the same time of exercise.

Accordingly, people who regularly jog and run for long distances will have a better ability to secrete growth hormone. Normally, this amount of hormone will take effect within 24 hours after exercise. Do not forget to combine with scientific eating habits, enough quality to improve efficiency.

Helps to keep the body slim and toned

The process of running promotes metabolism strongly and quickly, thereby maintaining a reasonable weight. Jogging for about 30 minutes can burn up to 300 calories, helping to balance nutrition in the body. The right weight for the body is also a condition for the bones to grow better in length.

Besides, running regularly every day affects the quality of muscles. People who regularly exercise will have a slim body, toned muscles. Joint training also enhances flexibility, helping you not only have a standard height but also have an ideal weight.


Helps blood circulation better

Jogging supports cardiovascular activity by the body after exercise stimulates blood to be pumped faster to the heart and through it to maintain blood pressure. Cholesterol and blood sugar levels are also controlled. Favorable blood circulation helps you better absorb nutrients, improve exercise performance.

In addition, running also brings a number of health benefits to support the growth of height more smoothly:

  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Improve the efficiency of the respiratory system.
  • Mental stability, psychological relaxation help improve sleep, and eat more delicious food.

How should jogging be good for development?



Long distance running is for those of you who have done the exercise for a certain amount of time and are ready for a longer distance. In this type of running, you just need to keep the average speed, don’t run too fast. Long-distance endurance requires runners to adhere to the following rules:

  • Warm up gently before training to avoid injury during running.
  • Choose a pair of soft, comfortable shoes, clothes with absorbent materials because you have to run for a long time.
  • There are certain breaks to walk to re-energize for the next walk.


In running patterns, sprinting is likely to create cracks in the bones. These cracks are not dangerous, but on the contrary, they help the bones to develop better length. Over time, through the accretion mechanism to use the added nutrients in the body and fill in the cracked parts. Thus, a new bone is created, which means lengthening the bone and increasing height.

Treadmill in the gym

In addition to jogging in the outdoor space, you can also use the treadmill to do it in the room. Running in the gym is not too different from running on the street, you can choose the running speed to suit your body’s current condition. However, the air in the room needs to be fresh so that the practitioner can breathe stably and improve the effectiveness of the exercise.

Some notes when jogging to ensure effective height development:

  • Always look straight when running, the target is about 3 – 6m away from the eyes for general observation and timely detection of obstacles.
  • Both hands move smoothly and slide over the hips, be careful not to hit your hands too hard, it will make you lose strength.
  • Completely grounded feet, not landing with the toes will adversely affect the nerves and bones in the legs.
  • Do not raise your knees too high when running because it can easily cause you to lose strength, lose direction and even fall.
  • Relax your hands and shoulders, do not strain yourself when running to avoid losing strength quickly.
  • Always adjust your posture during the run to ensure a straight spine.
  • Toes always point forward to run decisively, keeping the whole body balanced.
  • Apply a variety of running patterns to increase impact on more bone sites, stimulate faster height increase.
  • Drink enough water during and after running to replenish energy in time.

Does morning jog help to grow taller?

The air in the early morning is quite fresh, there is no intrusion of exhaust gasses and dust. The time in the morning the body has not loaded too much food, helping to burn a lot of energy. At the same time, the period of 5-8 am is also the time when hormones that support muscle growth are secreted a lot, helping to improve muscles.

Jogging in the morning stimulates the body to release endorphins – a hormone that creates a feeling of joy, helps you relax psychologically and stabilize your mind. This is a great condition for the process of absorbing nutrients, resting and exercising during the day to take place smoothly and effectively.

Is running at night good?

For children and adolescents who are in the period of height growth, jogging in the evening or evening after hours of intense study also brings certain benefits. In fact, running at this time will increase muscle mass more than in the morning.

If running in the morning could pose a risk because of an unsettled sleep the night before, running in the evening might be safer. Because the body has had a certain movement in activities from morning to afternoon, running at night is less prone to injury. Body temperature is also higher at this time (5-7 pm), so physical activity helps stabilize circadian rhythms.

Running route for beginners


How many minutes a day is good to jog?

According to shared – the ideal running time is 30-45 minutes/day, maintained regularly every week for at least 3-5 days/week, after a while you should keep a daily jogging routine . Although you can jog on an exercise machine, if possible, jog in an open space outdoors to receive positive elements from the air.

1 month running route for beginners

  • Run fast at a speed of about 5-7km/h and run non-stop for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Maintain speed and running time for the first week, can do 3-5 days/week.
  • Increase running time to 5 minutes/day for the next 1 week, run for 5 days/week.
  • In the 3rd week, you can run more than 30 minutes / day, and continue to maintain 5 days / week.
  • Week 4, you can speed up a little more, do every day and sometimes increase the difficulty with other types of runs.

In order for running to bring the effect of height development, practitioners need to combine with a scientific diet, reasonable rest and improve the living environment. Running exercises should be maintained for a long time to ensure a positive effect on bone growth. In addition, you can apply some other training methods such as playing sports, yoga, gym… to speed up the process of increasing height.