How tall should a 6-year-old child be according to the standard height?

It is crucial for mothers to pay close attention to the height of their six-year-old children as this is a crucial period in the pre-puberty stage which sets the foundation for later growth. Puberty is the most significant period that determines a child’s height growth. To learn more about this topic, read on with Debametulam in this article.

What is the average height of a 6-year-old child?

It is crucial for parents to be aware of their child’s weight and height. This allows them to determine whether their child is developing normally, malnourished, or overweight. Parents can adjust their child’s diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits to ensure their child’s health.

The golden period for bone development is at the age of six. Although the growth rate of a 6-year-old’s bone length is slower than that of 0-3-year-olds, it still increases on average by 5-7 cm per year. To promote height growth for a 6-year-old, mothers should provide a variety of foods for their child. Calcium is an essential component in the structure of a child’s bones.

In addition, let the child run and play outside. Play with the child and let them explore the world around them. To encourage optimal height development, mothers should ensure that their child gets enough sleep.

A 6-year-old child who is scientifically taken care of will achieve the following standard height/weight:

For girls: Weight of 19.9kg and height of 115.5cm.

For boys: Weight of 20.6kg and height of 116.5cm.

Mothers should congratulate children who meet or exceed these standard height and weight guidelines. For children who fall below the standard, mothers should change their caregiving habits to ensure their child’s normal development and achieve their desired height and weight.


BMI for 6-year-old children

Parents need to pay attention to the height and weight of their 6-year-old children. The BMI formula below can help you measure your child’s height and weight.

  • Weight formula (kg). BMI = Height (m) x Height (m).
  • BMI from 18.5 to 25 is considered normal.
  • Someone below 18.5 is considered underweight, and someone over 25 is considered obese.

Tips for nurturing the physical and mental growth of a 6-year-old child

Scientific nutrition care for 6-year-old children

At the age of 6, nutrition plays a crucial role in the health and development of children. If children have a scientifically balanced diet, they will maintain a normal height and weight, have a healthy body, and have fewer illnesses. Eating too much unhealthy food or too little healthy food can hinder the child’s height development.

Foods that help 6-year-olds grow taller

Fresh milk: Fresh milk is an excellent nutritious drink that promotes intellectual and physical development of children. It is rich in protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. This is one of the few foods that provide many nutrients, helping mothers save time while still keeping their children healthy and smart.

Yogurt: Yogurt is made from fresh milk and has a sweet and sour taste that is suitable for young children. Yogurt is not only rich in nutrients but also contains beneficial bacteria that help with digestion.

Salmon: Salmon has high nutritional value. It contains protein, omega-3, calcium, and vitamin D, all of which can promote height growth for children under 6 years old. To help children achieve the recommended height and weight, parents should supplement salmon in their child’s diet.

Tofu: Tofu is made from soybeans. It is very rich in protein and iron, which helps prevent anemia. Tofu is also high in fiber, copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc,… Tofu is very good for health and encourages healthy development.

Eggs: Each egg has up to 6g of protein. Eggs are also rich in vitamin D, calcium, and other important minerals. This helps maintain bone health and provides favorable conditions for the child’s development.

Shrimp: Shrimp is very rich in calcium, which is concentrated in the meat, legs, and claws. It also contains protein, iron, magnesium, and potassium. Healthy foods like shrimp are essential if you want to grow tall and healthy. You can make shrimp porridge, fried shrimp, steamed shrimp, shrimp salad for your child.

Broccoli: This is one of the most nutritious plant-based foods. Broccoli can provide 47mg of calcium, 21mg of magnesium, and 89.2mg of vitamin C per 100g for children. These nutrients are essential for healthy development. Parents should not overlook broccoli soup as a superfood.

Spinach: Spinach is a vegetable that is rich in protein, calcium, and iron. It also contains a large amount of vitamin A.


Encourage children to exercise regularly

To stimulate bone development, 6-year-old children need to engage in physical activity and participate in activities that are suitable for their age. This is the perfect time to encourage children to be active, learn new skills, and allow parents to discover their children’s athletic talents.

Increase height for 6-year-old children through beneficial exercises

Swimming: Children need to learn how to swim early to be safe in the water. Swimming is also beneficial for natural growth and height development. It reduces pressure on the spine due to body weight, which stimulates the elongation of the vertebrae, thereby helping the child develop a good height.

Soccer: This is a favorite sport of many children, especially boys. Playing soccer is a great way for 6-year-olds to develop teamwork skills, agility, reflexes, and physical fitness.

Running: Walking for 15-20 minutes a day can impact the bone and muscle system and stimulate growth hormone production. It also supports height development. Even a simple movement like this can have a significant impact on a child’s height growth process.

Jumping rope: While boys love soccer, many girls enjoy jumping rope. Skipping rope stimulates the child’s bone system and promotes cartilage production. It can also gradually accumulate into bones and support height growth.

Biking: Many children enjoy riding bikes. Fathers and children can take advantage of the evening when the mother prepares dinner to ride together. Adjust the bike seat to be higher than the child’s feet. This will encourage bone development and better height growth each time the child pedals.

It is important for 6-year-old children to get enough sleep and go to bed early

According to the UK National Health Service, 6-year-old children should sleep for 10 to 11 hours every night. Children need sleep for their intellectual and physical development, and it is crucial to get enough sleep. Parents should ensure that their 6-year-old children go to bed at 8-9pm so that they can get enough sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning.

Other factors such as light and sound, the bed, the bedroom, and lighting conditions can also affect the quality of sleep. The quality of sleep for 6-year-old children can also be affected by their environment, such as lighting and sound conditions, bed size, bedroom layout, and lighting. To ensure a good night’s sleep for their children, parents should ensure that their children have their own bedroom, which is well-ventilated and clean.

Good habits for the height development of 6-year-old children

These are good habits that help 6-year-old children achieve standard height.

  • To provide energy for the body for the new day, have a full breakfast.
  • Do not let the child skip meals. To supplement vitamin D, calcium, and other nutrients for the body, add milk to their daily routine.
  • Create opportunities for children to participate in outdoor extracurricular activities. This will help them develop further and strengthen team spirit.
  • To supplement vitamin D and support the calcium conversion process, have the child spend at least 15-20 minutes outside in the sun every day, just before 9 am.
  • Mothers should help their children form good habits.
  • Limit the child’s exposure to processed and pre-packaged foods such as french fries, fried chicken,… This can cause obesity and slow down the height development process.
  • It is important not to expose children to the internet too early. They may become addicted to games or online programs and then stop exercising.

Avoid letting children drink too much soda. This type of drink contains a lot of sugar and additives. It creates a fake sense of satisfaction, making the child less hungry. This restricts the height development of 6-year-old children. Carbonated soda can cause calcium excretion, making it difficult for the body to develop strong bones.