How to increase height 10cm?

Ideal height, well-proportioned appearance is a huge plus to help us be confident and stand out anytime, anywhere. Accordingly, how to quickly increase 10cm taller is a topic that is receiving the attention of many young people, especially those of modest height. Is increasing height by 10cm a feasible task for everyone? Follow our article below to find out for yourself.

Is it possible to increase my height by 10cm?

  • Unlike weight, which can increase and decrease continuously throughout life, height only grows until about the age of 20, then officially “stagnates” because the growth cartilage at the 2 ends of the bones has become solid. skeletal. The rate of height growth at each stage of development is also different. The fetal period, the first 3 years of life and puberty are periods of strong growth, considered the “golden period” in height development.
  • In the first year, children can increase 25cm in height, so the time to increase 10cm is less than half a year. At puberty, there are 1-2 years of height that can increase by 8-12cm/year. Time to increase 10cm is only about 1 year. But when it comes to the post-puberty stage, the growth rate is only about 3-5cm/year, it takes 2-3 years to grow 10cm taller. After the age of 20, if the bones have ossified, the chance to increase 10cm naturally is almost impossible.
  • Height growth depends on many factors : heredity, nutrition, exercise, sleep, living environment… In which, genetics only affects about 23%, nutrition is the most dominant factor. to height, about 32%. Focusing on proper nutrition and health care investment, we can reach the ideal height even though both parents are of normal stature.

how to grow 10 cm taller

Therefore, the opportunity to increase 10cm in height is wide or narrow depending on age and daily eating and health care habits. If you are in the golden period of good height growth and know how to supplement with proper nutrition and healthy living habits, there is absolutely a chance to increase 10cm. However, if you have completed puberty 1-2 years, reaching the age of 20, increasing 10cm in height is a relatively difficult goal. At this time, only surgery to pull the leg can be higher, but there are potential risks, pain and huge surgical costs.

Ways to increase height by 10 cm

If you are in a period of good height growth, to increase 10cm quickly, you can perform a combination of the following solutions:

Nutritious diet

  • Daily diet is an important key in the journey to conquer the goal of increasing 10cm in height. Through natural foods or dietary supplements in the form of tablets, the body receives energy to serve activities throughout the day and accumulates for physical growth. Supplementing with a variety of nutrients helps to take care of good health and promote height growth to its full potential.
  • To improve height quickly, the daily diet menu must have enough 4 groups of nutrients: Protein – starch – fat – vitamins and minerals. In particular, it is necessary to pay more attention to important micro-minerals for bones such as: Calcium, collagen type II, vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus …
  • Foods rich in nutrients that are beneficial for height include: Salmon, mackerel, sardines, eggs, chicken, shrimp, crab, squid, spinach, strawberries, sweet potatoes, kiwi, oranges, tangerine… The number of meals in a day must be 4-5 meals including 3 main meals and 1-2 snacks to supplement rich nutrition, support better height development.
  • In case you do not have time and conditions to prepare nutritious meals, you should use additional products to quickly conquer the goal of increasing 10cm before the end of old age. Support to increase height quickly , conveniently, simply, saving time, safe for health are practical benefits when you choose a product that helps increase prestige.

Actively participate in sports activities

  • Daily exercise is a great choice for health as well as the journey to increase 10cm in height. When exercising to support metabolism, eliminate toxins more effectively, facilitate blood circulation, and create a suitable force on the skeletal system to stimulate the process of new bone formation, promote bone health. growing height.
  • People who have a habit of exercising regularly have higher bone density and are less prone to bone injuries when they accidentally fall. Sports activities that are beneficial for height include: Volleyball, basketball, swimming, swinging barbell, jumping rope, jogging, cycling…
  • Research also shows that the amount of growth hormone secreted after exercise is also more than normal. This is considered another independent effect of exercise on height growth besides increasing bone density and stimulating bone formation. Exercising for about 1 hour a day not only takes care of good health but also improves height quickly, increases flexibility as well as coordination ability for the body.

Go to bed early and get enough sleep

  • Although growth hormone is produced continuously throughout the day, in the time frame from 11 pm to 1 am, if the body is in a deep sleep state, the amount of hormone secreted is much higher. This growth hormone is responsible for controlling the process of building muscle mass, repairing cells and tissues and many other growth functions. Therefore, the more growth hormone received, the better the height will grow.
  • On the other hand, sleep is closely related to physical health, resistance as well as mental health. Lack of sleep, sleeping late often makes the body tired, less mentally alert, a weaker immune system increases the risk of diseases. This is a great disadvantage in the process of natural height growth, reducing the chance of having outstanding stature when grown up.
  • Bones also mainly lengthen when we sleep, rest comfortably, no longer have to bear the whole weight of the body. Poor sleep, improper sleeping position can reduce the chance of bone growth. In addition to going to bed early and getting enough sleep, do not forget to adjust the appropriate sleeping position by lying on your back, lying on your side but your limbs are comfortably stretched, using a pillow with a moderate height, if Sleeping without pillows is better for height.

Yoga practice

  • By practicing yoga regularly, you can increase your height by 10cm if you are still in the age of good growth. Yoga is a form of exercise that is being chosen by many people today with many uses: Beautifying the skin, being beautiful, strengthening the immune system, good for bones and joints, anti-aging, supporting physiological improvement …
  • Some movements in yoga such as: Cobra exercise, bridge pose, three-legged dog pose, bowed dog pose, baby pose, cat pose… stretch the spine, stimulate the vertebrae growing, thereby increasing the length of the spine, improving height, and helping the spine to be more flexible, limiting bone and joint diseases as they get older.
  • Contacting yoga training centers is necessary to practice yoga to increase height successfully and limit unnecessary injuries. Here, the coaches will guide you to practice properly according to the lesson plan focusing on improving height. Spending about 60 minutes practicing yoga every day, you will be surprised with the growth of height and health after only a short time.

Drink more milk

  • Regularly drinking milk will help you quickly realize your wish to be 10cm taller. Milk is the most commonly used drink today, especially for children. This is a rich source of nutrients for the body, providing an abundant source of energy for physical activities and supporting height development.
  • The nutrients that are beneficial for height in milk must be mentioned such as: Calcium, vitamin D, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium … help increase bone density, strong bone system, develop healthy bones, and promote healthy growth. Grow fast, improve height effectively. Combining drinking milk with a scientific diet is the ideal condition to conquer outstanding height.
  • Every day you should drink about 350-500ml of milk, use more dairy products such as yogurt, cheese. If you are allergic or do not like to drink cow’s milk, you can change to goat milk, nut milk. Prioritizing unsweetened, low-sugar milk is healthier than sweetened milk.

Drinking milk regularly helps increase height by 10cm

Practice stretching exercises

  • Practicing stretching exercises is also a method of increasing 10cm that is being applied by many people. These exercises focus on impacting the skeletal system in the legs, lengthening the leg bones to help the practitioner have long, slim legs and a more attractive physique.
  • Some leg stretching exercises: Squat kicking the front leg, jumping in place, pushing the wall, squatting, standing with the back leg, plank kicking the leg, running in place, alternating leg curls… These movements have similar techniques. For simplicity, you can practice at home in your free time, so it is suitable for busy young people who cannot go out to play sports or practice yoga.
  • Take advantage of any free time to practice leg stretching exercises at home that will support height increase and improve physique, helping you to be more confident with your slim legs.

Stay away from stimulants

  • Staying away from stimulants such as: cigarettes, alcohol, beer, coffee, energy drinks… will help you grow 10cm taller in a shorter time. These are all products that adversely affect health and height growth if used inappropriately.
  • Research shows that children and adolescents who smoke actively or passively have significantly more limited height than non-smokers. Another study on the impact of carbonated soft drinks on health, the absorption of nutrients including calcium, and body weight showed that carbonated soft drinks can adversely affect health, increase the risk of obesity, reduced ability to absorb nutrients including calcium. These are all factors that hinder natural height growth.
  • Coffee contains a large amount of caffeine to help users stay awake. However, consuming too much caffeine can cause insomnia. The importance of sleep for height has been mentioned quite a lot. Therefore, factors that cause sleep problems such as coffee should be minimized to help height grow better.

Therefore, if you want to increase your height by 10cm, you should stay away from products containing stimulants, prioritize choosing healthy foods and drinks to increase height quickly and protect your best health.

Increasing 10cm in height is not too difficult if you are in the age of pre-puberty and puberty. However, if you are over 18 years old, puberty has ended 1-2 years earlier, more effort is needed to realize this goal. If you have passed the age of 20, your height has increased slowly in the previous 1-2 years, then this seems like an “impossible task”. Therefore, when you are still in the age of good growth, you need to make the most of this time, apply the quick ways to increase 10cm height that the article has shared to promote height growth. , more confidence and success with outstanding appearance.

Joy Bauer