How to Increase Height At 15

15 years of age is considered near the end of puberty for girls and in the middle of puberty for boys. This is the “golden” time for the height to grow strongly and quickly. Therefore, it is very important to apply growth methods at this time to help you easily reach the standard height as an adult. Join Debametulam to learn about the secrets of promoting your high potential

Leveraging puberty to invest in health care is the optimal solution to help you achieve better growth. For those of you at the age of 15, this is the last “golden” time to reach your full potential. Promotion methods need to be done at this time to increase height at 15 years old quickly and effectively.

Some benefits of having a good height

Currently, height has become one of the important criteria for assessing a person’s appearance. In modern life, people with good height have certain advantages that help them easily succeed in many fields. Specifically, some benefits of having an ideal height:


More confident

Tall people are often confident in their appearance, so they easily control their behavior at work as well as in other relationships in life. People with good height often have good looks, so they make a good impression. Confidence helps you do your job well, communicate smoothly, and gain the trust of others.

Outstanding among the crowds

In a crowd, the person with the standard height will stand out much more. This will attract many people’s attention, you become the focus. If you are in an interview with many candidates applying for the same position, standing out will be an advantage for you to win the hearts of the employer.

Advantages of work

Confident demeanor and impressive appearance are often favorable conditions for you to gain the trust of your superiors. In meeting with customers/partners, people with ideal height are prioritized to choose. In addition, some professions require height criteria such as pilots, police officers, models, flight attendants, etc.

The importance of height is becoming more and more obvious, so people are starting to care about height as well as finding ways to improve their current physique. Here are some tips that you can apply to accelerate growth.


The secret to increasing height at the age of 15 is effective

To promote optimal growth height at the age of 15, pay attention to apply the methods shared below

Nutritious diet

Nutrition accounts for 32% of a person’s height. The human body needs to be sure of the groups of substances (starch, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals) if it wants to develop outstanding height. In particular, some specific substances participate in the process of nourishing and stimulating long bones such as: Calcium, Collagen (especially Collagen Type 2), Vitamin D , Vitamin K, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium, Iron…

These nutrients can be obtained through foods such as fish, seafood, kale, broccoli, spinach, eggs, avocado, yogurt, chicken, legumes and nuts… You can arrange a reasonable menu, full of nutrients, and balanced nutrition to maintain a reasonable weight – conditions that support better height development.

Proper rest

Most bone growth happens when you’re resting, especially during a long night’s sleep. The growth plates are active when you lie down and the bones are no longer under pressure from your weight. When the body reaches a state of deep sleep, the pituitary gland also secretes the most growth hormone during the day.

A quality sleep is a condition for the body to conduct metabolism, convert energy and eliminate toxins. The ideal time to sleep is before 10pm and sleep at least 8 hours/day. At the age of 15, during puberty, there are many physiological and psychological changes that make you prone to insomnia, not sleeping well. Some tips you can apply to get a good night’s sleep are as follows:

  • Do not overeat in the evening or eat before bedtime.
  • Limit psychological stress and fatigue.
  • Listen to some soothing music or read a cheerful book 30 minutes before bed.
  • Practice yoga, soak your feet in warm water before going to bed


Participating in sports activities

What are the benefits of regular exercise?

20% chance of height growth lies in your exercise habits. Regular exercise helps to train bones and joints, stimulates cartilage growth to work to increase height . Maintaining regular exercise is a condition for the body to increase the production of growth hormone, which helps to improve sleep and eat better.

Some forms of exercise also burn calories, helping you burn excess calories to balance nutrition and keep weight at a reasonable level. If the calorie content exceeds the daily requirement, the body is prone to obesity, the excess fat compresses the bones, inhibiting the growth of the bones.

Suggest some suggested sports activities

Depending on the physical condition and living habits of each person, you can choose the exercise that is right for you

  • Yoga: Yoga postures help you stretch muscles, lengthen bones, train flexibility of joints and improve physique effectively.
  • Gym: For the age of 15, you can start exercising with a scientific regime. You should note that you need guidance from a coach and avoid heavy weight training, which will have the opposite effect, causing your height to be restricted.
  • Pull up bar: This exercise helps to release the body from the normal state of compression, pulling away from the ends of the bones and thereby lengthening the bones.
  • Jumping rope: This is an extremely effective form of calorie-burning exercise, for those who want to increase height but are afraid of vigorous exercise.
  • Jogging: Jogging helps build bone strength, especially sprinting helps create cracks in the bones. Then, the body will “heal” the crack by filling the gap with nutrients, helping the bones to lengthen.
  • Basketball, volleyball, badminton: The combat sport requires players to constantly move on the court, bounce high, throw the ball into the basket, pass the ball, hit the ball, hit the shuttlecock… These movements stimulate Apply force to the bone to accelerate the growth process.
  • Swimming: The resistance from the water current requires the limbs to constantly work, promotes rapid bone growth, while burning calories and toning muscles.


Note when exercising to improve performance:

  • Maintain regular weekly, at least 3-5 days/week and 30-45 minutes/day.
  • Always warm up before exercising.
  • Drink enough water during and after exercise to replenish energy in time.
  • Do not practice when you are injured or your body is tired and stressed.
  • Do not exercise too intensely, it is best to plan specific exercises by week or month.

Increase resistance

People with low resistance are easily invaded by harmful bacteria from the environment. The regular use of drugs also hinders the growth process. Therefore, you need to improve your resistance so that your body can better absorb nutrients, exercise and rest effectively, and overall health is also improved.

Some methods of strengthening resistance can be applied such as:

  • Appropriate nutritional supplements, especially antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E…
  • Exercise diligently every day.
  • Improve the living environment, limit problems such as air pollution, water sources, etc.
  • Limit the use of stimulants (alcohol, beer, tobacco, etc.)
  • Healthy eating habits, eat well, drink hot…
  • Make sure to drink enough water.


Maintain a healthy weight

One of the factors that affect your height growth is weight. Some studies have shown that obesity is one of the causes of stunting your height growth because excess body weight will inhibit bone growth, which causes slow bone growth. and affect your height. Therefore, if you want to increase height quickly at the age of 15, pay attention to maintaining your body weight at a reasonable level.

Sun exposure

Sunlight is the body’s natural source of vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium from the diet. In a year-long study using 118 children from 14 countries as subjects, growth was measured and compared with the amount of sunlight the children received. Those exposed to more sunlight have faster growth rates. The researchers also pointed to the role of circadian clock pathways in influencing growth (see my previous blogs on the importance of sunlight in setting the circadian clock). exactly)

Although this study is believed to be the first to demonstrate the effect of sunlight on rapid growth in children treated with growth hormone, another investigation from 2013 also came to the same conclusion. similar argument

Improve body posture

One of the effective ways to increase height at the age of 15 is to improve your body posture. Pay attention to standing, sitting upright to avoid diseases related to curvature of the spine. This will facilitate the growth and development of bones, thereby helping to promote rapid height growth at the age of 15.

Drink enough water

Drinking 7-8 cups of water a day offers a number of health benefits. It helps to remove toxins from the body and promotes the proper functioning of the organs in the body. According to research, hydration is important for physical growth and cognitive development. Therefore, you must drink at least two liters of water per day for the body to develop normally.

Take Vitamin EASY

One study in children showed that vitamin D deficiency can slow growth. According to research, changing diet and lifestyle to increase height will only be effective if vitamin D is deficient. Therefore, you should spend 5-10 minutes in direct sunlight if you want to increase height. If you can’t regularly expose yourself to the sun, you should add foods rich in vitamin D as well as use supportive products.

Avoid stimulants

To increase height effectively at the age of 15, you also need to pay attention to stay away from stimulants such as alcohol, beer, and tobacco because they all cause negative effects on the growth and development of bones. , thereby hindering the process of height growth. So stay away from them if you want to achieve your ideal height in the future.

Replace high heels with flat shoes

The perfect salvation for short girls is high heels, but this is also the cause of the risk of inhibited height and not growing. Using but not abuse is something you must remember if you want to use high heels, especially for those who are in the puberty stage. Wearing high heels too often will affect the curvature of the spine, the waist adversely affects the process of your height growth. The best way to increase height at the age of 15 you need to remember is to replace high heels with safe flat shoes.

Avoid carrying heavy objects

Carrying bags, backpacks that are too heavy and off-shoulder all cause bad effects on height growth. Therefore, the most effective way to increase height at different ages is to avoid carrying too much weight and shifting the shoulders to the side, this makes the body unbalanced, greatly affecting the height development. The answer to the question of how to best increase height in this case is to avoid the risks of height inhibition as above. Instead of carrying a few deviations, it will make one side of the muscle endure a large amount of force, causing problems with bone misalignment. If done continuously for a long time, it will also lead to uneven development of the shoulder and reduce the ability to grow height.

Correct sitting posture

Changing daily habits is the first step in how to increase height at the age of 15 effectively that you need to know, especially a person’s sitting posture. Most of the time a day students have to sit a lot, so how it makes a huge impact on the process of height growth. For those who are in puberty, this is the time when bones develop best. Therefore, practicing the habit of sitting properly helps the spine and muscles to work and grow best, creating conditions for effective height development.

To practice the habit of sitting properly every day is not difficult, the important point is that the back must be straight, the feet are fully in contact with the ground, creating a perpendicular point at the knees. Try to keep your head, neck, back, hips, butt always in a straight line

Use height increase pills

If the body is provided with all the necessary nutrients for height growth such as calcium, collagen type 2, vitamin D, etc., your height will grow effectively. However, not everyone can get enough nutrients through their daily diet, and everyone’s ability to absorb nutrients is different. That is why we need to choose additional products to help provide the body with the necessary nutrients. So, to increase height at the age of 15, do not forget to choose for yourself a suitable height increase drug product. Refer to detailed information about the best height increasing drug

The ways to increase height at the age of 15 that we have just shared will be the basis for you to quickly plan a health care plan suitable for your current physical situation. Do not forget to be patient in the long run and flexibly combine methods to achieve optimal height results.