How to know the height is still increasing?


Yearning for the perfect height is a universal desire, yet not everyone is blessed with the fortune of achieving it. Many of us live with the lingering regret of not comprehending the significance of height during our formative years and find ourselves on futile quests for vertical enhancement. If you happen to fall within the age bracket where height augmentation is still plausible (typically before the age of 20), the key lies in patience. In the pages that follow, Debametulam aims to unveil strategies to ascertain if you are still in the midst of a height growth spurt and introduce a scientifically grounded method for height enhancement.

6 ways to determine if the height is still increasing or not?

Look for signs of growth

Searching for indicators of growth is a natural method to confirm that you’re still on the upward trajectory of height. Take, for instance, the jeans that once required rolling up when you put them on; now, they barely reach your ankles. It might even be the case that you can reach a road sign by simply extending your arm.

The expansion of your feet serves as another unmistakable sign of increasing height. The proportion of foot size is intricately linked to human stature. Picture your height as a flourishing tree, and your legs as a network of roots steadily growing larger.


Find waypoints

There must have been many times when you and your brother, sister, or friends stood next to each other to compare heights. However, in addition to people, you can also choose fixed objects as reference points, such as signs, ceilings, etc. Usually, a wall will be a popular reference point because you can mark the height growth above them.

Stand in the correct posture when measuring

In order to know your exact height, it is important that you take the correct posture when taking the measurement. Do not forget to keep your body standing in the most upright position, back and heels against the wall, feet flat on the ground and eyes facing forward. In particular, you also need to pay attention to take off your shoes and not wear a hat or tie your hair up.

Mark the height through each measurement

During each height measurement, get in the habit of marking the wall. Don’t just cross one line, but use a pencil to record the time to measure the height right next to it.

If marking the height on the wall isn’t an ideal option, you can get a tape measure and record the distance from the ground to the marker, then record the measured number and the time involved in it. a small notebook.

This way, you can easily see how your height has changed with each measurement.

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Prediction through parent’s height

Genetics plays a big role in your adult height, so based on your parents’ height, you can also make predictions for your own height.

There are different ways to predict height, but the results obtained are only approximate. Some height prediction methods may have an error of about 10cm, for example your height is predicted to be 167cm but the actual height achieved may be 157cm or 177cm.

One of the simplest ways is to add the height of the father and mother together, divide by 2 and add 10cm (for boys) or subtract 10cm (for girls). For young children, height can be predicted by doubling the height of a girl at 18 months or a boy at 2 years of age.

Visiting a doctor

One of the fastest ways to determine if the bones are still growing in length is to have a routine exam. In this way, you can grasp the speed of your own development, can detect abnormal signs in time to correct them.

For young people who are still in the period of strong growth, doctors will chart the growth rate to track the growth over time of the body.

For those of you who are “approximately” to the age of height cannot increase, a cartilage X-ray is the way to capture the ability of the bone to continue to grow.


5 ways to increase height every day

Dissatisfied with genetic height

It is a fact that genetics has a large influence on height. However, having short parents doesn’t mean you can’t reach your ideal height. There are many cases that prove this.

Genetics is a factor that cannot be changed, but height does not stop increasing, because the remaining factors are nutrition, exercise and sleep can all be affected. Therefore, you should not give up your ideal height just because of genetic limitations.

Get enough sleep

The human body produces growth hormone during sleep. So, the deeper and more relaxed you are, the better your chances of maximizing your height potential will be. You also need 8-10 hours of sleep each night to stabilize your mental and physical health. Ideally, follow a consistent schedule to keep your body’s circadian rhythms in balance.

Selective use of dietary supplements

It is not difficult to come across functional foods (food supplements) for sale on the Internet with attractive effects, “increasing height after only 1 month of use”, “3 months tall 20cm” or “over 30 years old you You can still get tall by using xxx products”,… But you have to understand that these pills will not help you grow as fast as advertised.

Height is an accumulation of many different factors, which means it takes a long time to increase. The dietary supplements are considered as nutritional supplements missing from the meal, so they are only supportive. Therefore, you should choose and use dietary supplements selectively.

Healthy diet

There are no superfoods that can make you as tall as NBA basketball players, but proper nutrition can help the body’s height development process.

Building a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein, low in saturated fat, refined sugar or processed foods is what you should do. At the same time, do not forget to add some special nutrients such as Calcium, Collagen to strengthen bones.

Other essential nutrients such as niacin, Vitamin D and zinc, all found in natural foods, can also provide many benefits to the body’s development.

many green vegetables

Exercise regularly

Don’t focus too much on muscle exercises, instead follow a healthy exercise regimen that includes strength training exercises, stretching like swimming, volleyball, basketball, etc. yoga,… so that the body has more opportunities to develop.

As mentioned above, stretching is very good for the body, although it does not directly help you to increase a few centimeters, but correcting your posture through these exercises will help you become taller.

Getting 60 minutes of physical activity a day will not only help you get closer to your ideal height, but will also provide you with a fit body and other health benefits.van-dong-thuong-xuyen-giup-tang-chieu-cao-hieu-qua

Some tips to determine the correct height

  • Have someone else mark your height, the results will be more accurate.
  • Try to measure your height at the same time of day, ideally in the morning when you first wake up.
  • Height may also have errors due to different measurements of doctors. Therefore, you also need to pay attention to measuring at the same medical facility regularly.

The rate of height growth is different for each person, so don’t worry if you are taller or shorter than your friends. Instead, focus on your height improvement plan and monitor the change. Do not forget, a balanced diet, exercise and enough sleep will be favorable conditions to break through the genetic height limit.