How to sterilize baby bottles?


Not knowing how to properly sterilize baby bottles can have grave implications for a mother and her newborn. The delicate immune systems of infants are exceptionally susceptible to everyday bacterial threats, making them vulnerable to a host of illnesses, including vomiting, diarrhea, and mouth sores, commonly known as “mouth thrush” or simply “thrush.”

The importance of sterilizing baby bottles and feeding utensils cannot be overstated, as it plays a pivotal role in reducing the risk of infections that can harm these tiny, fragile lives. But the question remains: what are the effective methods for ensuring the proper sterilization of baby bottles? For a comprehensive guide on this critical topic, let’s delve into the following article by Debametulam!

Tools for sterilizing baby bottles

Many parents who have just had their first baby are confused about how to sterilize baby bottles. Typically, you’ll choose to purchase a ready-made infant bottle sterilizer. But you need to remember to clean the tools in warm soapy water thoroughly.

There are many ways to sterilize baby bottles today and each method corresponds to different tools. However, the 3 ways below are the most common and simple.


How to sterilize baby bottles with an electric steamer

Electric autoclaves are quite common these days, you can find them in any baby supply store. Using an autoclave is the most common way to sterilize baby bottles today. You just need to pour some cold water into the steamer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Then, you put the baby’s food utensils into the autoclave and must always pay attention to the three factors of water level, the temperature of the lower compartment and the amount of steam rising. Be sure to open all the lids of the bottles inside the pot and place them face down, while the pacifier is facing up.

Finally, you close the lid of the steamer, being careful not to let the lid channel because just a small gap will let the steam escape, then turn on the power and wait for a while according to the time indicated in the instructions.


How to sterilize baby bottles in the microwave

Microwave sterilization of baby bottles is similar to electric steamers. The only difference is that you can use common kitchen utensils to heat water and create steam.

Just like using an electric autoclave, you just need to put the bottles to be sterilized inside and remember to open the lid and place it face down. After steaming, you need to reinstall the milk bottle as soon as you take it out into the air. It’s simple, right?


How to sterilize baby bottles with boiling water

This is the most classic way of sterilizing baby bottles and is most often applied by mothers. You just need to boil water on a normal stove and put the teat and teat in.

However, this method will cause the baby’s bottle to spoil faster than other methods.

In order for the baby to stay healthy and have good resistance, mothers need to perform a careful and meticulous way of sterilizing baby bottles. Wishing mom and baby always healthy and lucky in life!