How to teach children to face difficulties


The role of parents in raising a child transcends the mere task of ensuring their physical growth and development; it extends into the realm of molding their character into that of an upstanding individual. Beyond fostering good behavior, every parent aspires to instill resilience in their child’s mindset, recognizing that life’s journey often encounters turbulent waters filled with challenges and adversity.

In this ever-evolving modern age, effective parenting during difficult times takes center stage. Kristen Glosserman, a seasoned life coach and the author of “If it’s Not Right, Go Left,” offers invaluable insights and guidance on how to navigate the intricate landscape of parenthood amidst adversity.

Join us at as we delve into an enlightening exploration of strategies to empower children with the tools to confront life’s trials and tribulations.

Embracing Family Traditions and Rituals

Within the tapestry of family life, traditions and rituals serve as threads that weave a sense of belonging and unity. These cherished customs, whether it’s sipping tea together on lazy weekends, celebrating birthdays as a family, or ushering in the new year with a grand display of fireworks, carry a profound significance.

If your family already has established traditions, seize every opportunity to partake in them. Alternatively, if your family lacks such customary routines, consider creating new rituals that can be shared collectively. The simplicity of the gesture is what matters most, for it is the essence of togetherness and the warmth of family bonds that truly count. Even amidst trying times, these traditions have the power to fortify family relationships, acting as a beacon of strength and unity in the face of adversity.


Find activities to do together

Even if you’re facing tough times, it’s still a good idea to spend quality time with your family, including with your little one. You can find activities that all family members can do, such as playing fun games at home or exercising together.

One activity that can be done with family members is exercise, such as cycling or light exercise at home. Physical activity is very important to maintain a healthy body. In addition, physical activities such as exercising together can also teach children to socialize.

This method can bring health benefits to the body and make the family more harmonious. In addition, children can also enjoy positive social interactions that can reduce stress hormones and help calm the mind.

Create a pleasant atmosphere

Every parent must have a policy or regulation in place for disciplining their children. Rules that apply to children can actually make them more disciplined. However, don’t let these rules make your child bored and lose the fun atmosphere at home.

Kristen Glosserman said: “One night, I saw my children dancing on the kitchen chair. Instead of reprimanding them, I jumped off the chair and danced with them.”

This method is not meant to teach children to be undisciplined, but there are certain times that parents need to do in order to make the atmosphere at home pleasant. Therefore, allow your child to do something fun from time to time that he enjoys. You can relax certain rules at home and have a fun, carefree time. That way, they won’t get bored and become more comfortable at home.

Share stories with family

“At least once a week, my family gets together and sits in a circle to share stories about themselves and discuss if anyone is struggling to find a way out,” says Kristen Glosserman. “.

You can also use this method to bring your family closer together. This method also helps families make the most of moments together, as these moments are often hard to find, especially when the family is going through difficult times.

Help children instill positive thoughts

During difficult times, children can plant negativity in their minds and can make them bored, even stressed. For example, during the current pandemic, children spend more time studying at home, so they cannot interact directly with their friends.

To overcome this, you can cheer up your children by asking them to go on vacation or just go for a walk in search of a new atmosphere to re-energize them. This method can also be a means to strengthen bonds between families.

So here are some tips to help your child deal with difficult times. No matter how difficult the situation, it is necessary to build solidarity and family home. That way, Mama, Papa and the kids will feel a more peaceful and positive mood. Hope that this information is useful