Secrets of massage to increase height for babies


The early years of a child’s life are often referred to as a “golden opportunity” by experts, a critical phase where a child’s growth potential can be significantly influenced. Parents, driven by their unwavering desire to see their children thrive, delve deeply into matters such as nutrition and sleep to ensure they are on the path to reaching their maximum potential. In some families, a cherished tradition has been passed down through generations – the secret of height-boosting massages. If you’re a parent with a burning curiosity to unlock this age-old secret, you’ve come to the right place. This article will unveil the mysteries behind these height-enhancing techniques, offering insights that may contribute to your child’s growth journey

Can Massage Contribute to Height Growth in Children?

When it comes to unraveling the secrets behind boosting a child’s height, we often encounter familiar advice revolving around nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Amidst this conventional wisdom, a pressing question arises: can massages really play a role in a child’s vertical development?

The resounding answer is a definitive YES! Properly administered massages can indeed enhance a child’s prospects of reaching their maximum height potential.

During an enlightening discussion on child-rearing techniques, Dr. Luong Kim Chi divulged, “Height-boosting massages are a well-kept secret employed by many Vietnamese families and beyond.”

When parents adeptly perform these massages, they facilitate improved blood circulation within the child’s body. Consequently, this improved circulation bolsters muscle tone, warms up muscles, augments muscle flexibility, and stimulates bone and joint growth.

Furthermore, massages contribute to an elevated metabolic rate. This, in turn, optimizes the effects of nutritional factors in your child’s development. When bones receive the requisite nutrients, their length can improve, ultimately leading to increased stature in the child.

But that’s not all; massages target multiple points within the body, including acupressure points that induce relaxation, comfort, reduce fussiness, promote sound sleep, evoke pleasant dreams, and even aid in intellectual development. The benefits are truly multifaceted.


When should massage increase height for children?

The ideal window for height-boosting massages in children falls within their first three years, with an optimal timeframe being between one to six months of age. It’s noteworthy that through consistent and correct massage techniques, tangible improvements in a child’s stature can become evident in as little as three to six months.

Now, let’s delve into the timing of these height-boosting massages for children. Depending on a child’s age, parents should adjust the frequency of these sessions accordingly. Typically, children are massaged to stimulate height growth twice a day. However, it’s important to exercise discretion on days when the child is unwell or excessively fatigued, as these are moments when massage should be minimized

Massage steps to help children increase height

Massage can only help children increase height if done properly and suitable for children. will guide parents through massage steps to help children increase height in 2 age groups: 0-6 months and under 3 years old (over 6 months). Depending on the current age of your child, parents can choose appropriate exercises.

Massage helps children 0-6 months old increase height

  • Head and face massage

Lay your baby on his back with his head resting on a thin pillow (just the right height for the baby’s neck). Parents rub their palms together for warmth and then use their fingers to gently stroke the forehead and eyebrows from the middle to the temples. Next, gently stroke the two earlobes and then gently rub the baby’s head from behind the ear.


  • Massage chest – abdomen – 2 arms

Parents gently stroke the baby’s hands from the center of the chest to the sides. Parents gently rub their palms to warm them and then gently stroke them diagonally from the shoulder blades to the baby’s ribs. Continuously change the shoulder blades and flanks.

Before massaging the baby’s abdomen, parents also warmly rub their palms. Gently place your hand on the upper abdomen, high near the breast, and then rotate clockwise to the lower abdomen. With the baby’s arms, parents gently squeeze from the biceps to the wrist, then fold inward and open up.

  • Foot massage

Gently massaging the legs is the last step in the height increase massage process for babies from 0 to 6 months old. Similar to the previous massage steps, parents also rub their hands to be very warm.

First, gently stroke the baby’s shins from top to bottom, about 10 times on each side. Next, gently massage from the thigh to the calf of the baby. Finally, parents use their thumbs, put them in the middle of the soles of the baby’s feet, and then gently rotate them.

  • Back massage

Lay your baby on his stomach, use a pillow with enough thickness to support his face. Parents warm up their hands and then gently press them on their backs for about 30 seconds. Next, use your fingers to gently stroke along from the back of the baby’s neck down to the baby’s lower back.


Massage helps children over 6 months old increase height

The steps of massage to increase height for children over 6 months old are similar to those of babies under 6 months old. However, there will be a few other massages as follows:

  • Back massage

Back massage, especially the lower back, is said to be very effective to help your baby increase height. Because, this position is home to the large muscles, or psoas muscles, which connect to the lumbar spine, discs, and femurs.

First, the baby needs to lie on his stomach, parents should put the baby on a soft surface such as a mattress or blanket. Rub two warm hands and then gently rub both sides of the back in the direction from inside to outside, from top to bottom. Next, place your thumbs on either side of the lower back spine and gently rotate it.

These massage steps not only stimulate the large muscles but also contribute to promoting posture correction, enhancing the flexibility in movement of the baby.

  • Knee massage

The knee is considered the place where the cartilage growth layer is concentrated. Therefore, gentle massage of the knee area is a way of massaging to help children increase height. How should parents massage their baby’s knees?

First, use your left hand to grab your child’s ankle, right hand on the knee area with the thumb on the top and the remaining 4 fingers on the back. Next, slowly flex the baby’s leg, and then slowly pull the leg straight out again. Do the same with the other leg of the child.


Every day parents only need to spend about 10-30 minutes to gently massage the whole body for the child. So children have more opportunities to grow in height, making the most of their development potential.

Maximizing Height Growth in Children through Thoughtful Massage

In the pursuit of aiding a child’s growth, it is imperative for parents to tread carefully when engaging in the practice of height-boosting massages. To ensure effectiveness and prevent any inadvertent harm, meticulous attention to detail is paramount:

Timing Is Everything:

Avoid massaging a hungry child or immediately after a meal, or upon waking up. Optimal results are achieved when massaging is done approximately one hour after a meal or just before bedtime.

Gradual Introduction:

For beginners, it’s prudent to commence with short sessions of 5-10 minutes per day. As your child becomes accustomed to the massage, gradually extend the duration.

Hygiene Matters:

Recognize the fragility of your child’s immune system at this stage. Prior to massaging, ensure meticulous hand hygiene by thorough washing, nail trimming, and the removal of any jewelry to prevent accidental harm.

Skin Care:

Should your hands lack the requisite softness, apply a mild moisturizer approximately 30 minutes before the massage. Ensure that the chosen cream is gentle and compatible with your child’s delicate skin to avoid any potential adverse effects.

Gentle Touch:

Approach the massage with the utmost gentleness. If your child exhibits discomfort or unease during the process, be prepared to switch to a different technique or approach.

Comfort is Key:

The surface upon which your child lies during the massage should be soft and comfortable, promoting relaxation and ease throughout the process.

In addition to massage, it is imperative that parents provide their children with nourishing, well-balanced meals and allocate appropriate periods for rest and rejuvenation. By harnessing these growth opportunities with a well-rounded and scientific approach, you can ensure your child maximizes their potential height during this critical developmental phase. Do not overlook this “golden opportunity” to support your child’s growth