The average height of Americans

The United States was once ranked number one in the list of tallest nations. Their scientific lifestyle was the key to achieving this height. Let’s “decode” how Americans increase their height on

What is the average height in the US?

According to the updated Wikipedia list of countries/regions based on average height in 2019, the average height of Americans is 170.1cm (5ft 7in). This breaks down to:

  • The average height for American men is 176.9cm (5ft 9 1/2in).
  • The average height for American women is 163.3cm (5ft 4 1/2in).

What is the average height of Americans worldwide?

Based on the updated Wikipedia list, Americans are ranked 52 out of 201 countries/territories. While this may be an ideal height for countries in Asia (including Vietnam), it is not what Americans desire.

There was a time when Americans topped the world’s height chart. Experts say that the average height of Americans today is not like it was 45 years ago.

In the following years, Americans gradually dropped in rank. As a result, they are currently ranked 52 out of 201 countries.


How to effectively increase height in the US?

Americans continue to invest in the health and height development of future generations. After the “stagnation” period, Americans are growing taller every day. What are the most effective ways that Americans can increase their height?

Following a more scientific diet

One factor contributing to height differences is nutritional needs. We need to pay attention to adjusting our diet scientifically to increase our height.

You should pay special attention to the following nutrients:

Calcium: Milk, sardines, and Brussels sprouts. Soybeans, green leafy vegetables. Orange juice. Protein: Eggs and meat, fish, milk, dairy products, various beans, etc. Vitamin D: Fish, such as tuna, salmon, and cod, and cereals. Zinc: Potatoes, chocolate, peanuts, etc.

It is important to have a healthy eating habit. Americans eat five meals a day, with two snacks and three main meals. Two snacks are not necessary if three main meals provide enough nutrients.

Avoid fast food, oily and sweet foods. These foods can lead to nutritional imbalances, obesity, and some diseases that can affect height.

Physical activity, especially playing basketball

Americans can maintain a healthy weight through physical activity, especially if they live in fast food paradises that offer favorites such as fried chicken, French fries, and soft drinks. …

Basketball is an American favorite pastime. Basketball is an excellent way to increase your height.

Running, stretching, bending, and jumping are beneficial for strong bones and promoting height development. Continuous running will activate the nerves of the feet, increase the activity of the pituitary gland, which secretes growth hormones.

Stretching and jumping while throwing a ball will cause damage to the legs, promoting cartilage growth and accumulation. These impacts will increase your height.

You can choose basketball or other sports such as swimming, volleyball, badminton, and running. (The next part will reveal more).

Sleep is the most important thing

You cannot neglect sleep if you want to increase your height like Americans. The importance of sleep is known to young Americans, who understand that it accounts for over 90% of height growth.

Maintain a positive and happy attitude

Poor mental health can hinder your ability to achieve your goals as an American. Optimism can positively impact your endocrine system and make it function more effectively.

Here are some ways Americans stay optimistic and happy:

  • Follow a schedule and complete tasks.
  • Meet with friends and engage in sports club activities.
  • Share your emotions with friends and family when facing difficulties or in need of support


Using height-enhancing products

Americans are fond of using height-enhancing products, which has also become a popular trend in other countries. The body receives the best possible nutrition to increase height through the use of these support products.

Height increase products in the US are researched by leading experts in the country. They are produced using modern production lines and natural ingredients that are safe for your health.

American height-increasing exercises

Jump rope

Americans often jump rope to increase their height. They can do this in the morning or evening. The body can be exercised to loosen the spine and encourage bone length development.


Push-ups are a full-body exercise that requires all of your muscles to perform. The spine is relieved of weight pressure during this exercise. During this time, the abdominal, back, and leg muscles are fully stretched. These movements stimulate and promote the efficient functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

High jumping

High jumping is a must if you want to quickly increase your height like Americans. Continuously stretching and straightening will allow the joints to move continuously. This encourages the growth of bone cartilage to make you taller.

Leg weightlifting

If you want to be tall like Americans, don’t forget leg weightlifting exercises. To increase bone length, use weights when lifting your legs. This will also help strengthen your legs.

Increasing height with supplements

These are the height-increasing foods that Americans commonly use today to improve their height:

NuBest Tall: Contains Nano Calcium, Collagen 2 (hydrolyzed), 5-HTP and Ginkgo biloba. Available in 7 flavors (Dong Trong, Ngoc Truc, Xuyen Khuong, Ich Mau, Phuc Linh mushroom, Deer antler, Sea cucumber) suitable for anyone aged 5-20.

Doctor Taller: To promote bone development in children aged 8 and above, supplement with Nano Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin D3, vitamin K2, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin H2, vitamin B1 and 3 amino acids, including L-Arginine, L-Ornithine and L-Lysine.

Doctor Plus: This supplement contains essential ingredients for bones such as Nano Calcium, Collagen type 2 (hydrolyzed), Magnesium and Phosphorus, vitamin C3, vitamin K2 and Eucommia ulmoides for those aged 10 and above.

Bio Island: The main ingredient of this product is Lysine, one of 12 essential amino acids for the body. Lysine is an amino acid that helps absorb calcium in the body and improve digestion.

PeakRise: Contains Vitamin D3, Zinc and Calcium to support height growth and overall development.

Height Growth: Contains Calcium, Zinc, Creatine and Vitamin D3, L. Ornithine, L. Glutamine, L. Arginine and 5-HTP.

Surprisingly, Americans are only familiar with using FDA-certified products. This is a great tip for American shoppers.

What are the top factors that Americans use to increase their height?

Americans have to focus equally on all three factors to increase their height. Perhaps, Americans are currently paying more attention to nutrition and bringing it back to its original trajectory.

Due to the rapid increase of fast-food restaurants and changing eating habits, about 25% of Americans are currently obese. This is also why the average height of Americans is decreasing.

There are many ways that you can increase your height through exercise. They include eating healthy meals, maintaining busyness, lifting weights, playing basketball, and taking care of your sleep. Combining these methods can help you achieve your ideal height.