The average height of Chinese people

China, a country with a relatively low average height, has experienced significant growth in population height in recent years, indicating progress across various fields.

What is the current average height of Chinese people? Are there any popular height-increasing exercises among Chinese youth? If you want the best information, make sure to read this article!

The average height of Chinese citizens:

The quality of life for Chinese citizens has significantly improved with economic growth. The average height of Chinese people is increasing at an astonishing rate.

According to the latest BMI report by The Lancet, the highest growth rate for Chinese people in 34 years was in the period from 1985-1999. Here are the results:

  • 19-year-old girls with Chinese parents increased their height rapidly, from 158cm to 163.5cm.
  • The average height of 19-year-old Chinese males increased from 168cm to 175.7cm.
  • The average height of Chinese people is 177cm for males and 165cm for females, as of 2021. The average height of Chinese males has increased nearly 9cm in the past 35 years.

Experts believe that the primary reason Chinese children grow quickly and become healthy is due to their parents’ attention to diet and exercise.

You can also use flexible Chinese language methods and exercises to increase your height.

Sự thay đổi trong chiều cao của người Trung Quốc

Ranking of China’s Average Height

Some statistical results have been collected to observe and evaluate the development of height among Chinese people.

According to the eLife journal, China’s global height growth rate is ranked 93rd (as published in eLife).

The average height of an individual is 6.5 meters. This is the country with the highest height development rate in the world and is predicted to develop at the fastest rate in 2019. China ranks 65th on the list of countries with the highest average height.

According to Lancet, the average height of Chinese men is 175.7 cm. This makes China the highest in East Asia and fifth in Asia. The average height of women in the region is also the highest.

Nearly 56% of Chinese men living in urban areas reach heights of 175cm-180cm.

The positive side of height growth is its positive effects. However, many young people feel “pressure” or are obsessed with their height, especially women.

China has many implicit standards. Men below 160 cm are considered abnormal, while those over 180 cm are normal. Chinese women also have height standards when dating or planning to marry men.

The height increase methods in China

Chinese people are particularly concerned about height. They have tried many methods to increase their height, with a focus on nutrition and physical exercise.

Here are some of the most popular height-increasing methods in China.

Drinking lots of milk

China is known for milk, which is why it is very popular. Students are encouraged to drink milk every day to supplement their calcium and other minerals.

This habit of drinking milk when young has made Chinese children taller and more physically fit.

Consuming calcium-rich foods

Calcium-rich foods are essential for the Chinese diet. According to statistics, calcium-rich foods such as seafood, eggs, vegetables, red meat, etc. are very popular. In 2018, it was 30.75 million tons of food.

This is a much higher number than in previous years. This was also when the average height of the Chinese population increased significantly.

Balanced and nutritious diet

The Chinese diet is high in calcium and balanced in terms of nutrition.

Children receive many types of nutrients. This is a good condition to enhance immunity, reduce malnutrition rates, low physical activity, as well as promote high potential development for children.

Improving sleep quality

Good quality sleep is a decisive factor for children to produce growth hormones. This is why Chinese children have better sleep than previous generations.

China has many drafts designed to ensure that children get the best possible sleep. This creates ideal conditions for height development. For example, elementary and middle school students must go to bed before 10 pm and 9 pm, even if they haven’t finished their homework.

Using posture correctors

Many parents use posture correctors to protect their children. It is designed to support the spine and keep the back straight. This method can be uncomfortable and inconvenient for children.

Other methods

  • Folk remedies can be used to increase height.
  • Growth hormone injections.
  • Functional foods can be used to increase height.
  • Surgery to lengthen the legs.


Chinese Height-Increasing Exercises

Recently, Chinese youth have started introducing simple home exercises to increase height. Experts agree that these are very useful and effective height-increasing exercises if done regularly.

Here are some examples of height-increasing exercises in China practiced by young citizens:


Many young Chinese women particularly enjoy yoga poses such as bridge pose, cobra pose, and forward bend. These poses are very effective, as they stretch the spine and stimulate growth while also improving posture.

Leg Swinging

The goal is to continue to exercise until the muscles and tendons can stretch to the maximum. This will have a positive effect on joint and bone health, leading to increased height.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope has been a popular height-increasing exercise in China for many years. This exercise can be performed simply by jumping up and down while using the ankle and knee joints to keep the rope fixed.

Exercise can have a positive impact on the development and function of joint cartilage, leading to significant height increase. Many young people enjoy this exercise because it is easy to perform anywhere and requires only simple equipment.

Jumping in Place

This exercise is described as similar to playing basketball. The following are the steps:

  • The person stands in a ready position.
  • The person jumps as high as possible while pushing their arms above their head.

The Chinese method of increasing height focuses on nutrition and exercise. This is because it is the key to encouraging growth and height development in young children and during puberty.

These are some ways to increase height for children in China. To ensure the best results, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

You should also focus on improving your physical activity, such as exercising, playing sports, and using height-increasing exercise machines. These are highly recommended training tools for many individuals, and they will improve your height by enhancing effectiveness.