Top 10 countries with the tallest people in the world


The world is a diverse tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and lifestyles, and this rich tapestry is reflected not only in the customs and traditions of each nation but also in the physical characteristics of its people. One such characteristic that varies significantly from country to country is the average height of its population. This intriguing aspect of human diversity is influenced by a multitude of factors, including geographical location, living habits, economic development, and cultural heritage. As we embark on a journey to explore the global spectrum of human stature, let’s delve into the information provided by to gain a deeper understanding of how these elements come together to shape the average height of individuals in some of the world’s most populous countries.

Join me as we uncover the fascinating insights into this aspect of our global community and ponder the question: What does the average height of people worldwide reveal about our world’s complex interplay of geography, lifestyle, and culture?


It is the Republic of Croatia is a country in southeastern Europe with a cold and dry climate located within Bosnia Herzegovina and Slovenia, and bordered by the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is a culinary paradise that includes nutritious meals such as bluefin tuna, olive oil truffles, pasta… Croats live happily, enjoying time with family and friends and being happy. They are not the type to follow a strict schedule.

Living a comfortable lifestyle helps people in Croatia maintain good health and develop optimally. Croatia is also in the top 10 countries with the highest human height in the world, with a specific height of 180.76 cm for men and 166.8 inches for women.



Netherlands (Netherlands) The Netherlands is the name of a European country located in the northwest. The Netherlands is bordered to the north by the North Sea, to the south by Belgium and to the east by Germany. The Netherlands is known as an optimistic country, with an active, optimistic and healthy lifestyle. According to studies, the medical services provided in the Netherlands are among the top EU countries. As it ranked at the top of the European Healthcare Consumption Index in 2012 and is set to invest 11.9% of GDP in healthcare.

Currently, the Netherlands is the country with the highest average height in the world with 183.8 cm. Specifically, Dutch men have an average height of 182.9 cm, while women are 169.3 cm taller. According to scientists, natural selection and favorable environmental conditions are the main reasons why the Dutch individual has an ideal height.


Montenegro is a country located between the Adriatic Sea and Serbia, located in Southeast Europe. The climate in the country is very mild and pleasant, the standard of living is high, and the cost of daily living is often lower than in other European countries. Citizens of Montenegro are on average among the tallest in the world. The average height of men in Montenegro is 183.3 cm and the average height of women is 169.96 cm.


Norway is located in Northern Europe and in the Scandinavian peninsula, bordered to the east by Sweden and to the southwest and the North Sea, and to the north by Russia and Finland. Along the coast, Norway has a milder climate, and inland is a cooler climate. It rains all year round. Local fresh herring, salmon, cod and shrimp, as well as cheese… are possibly the most popular foods enjoyed in Norway. They are also healthy foods that nourish the body and promote optimal physical development.

Due to a healthy diet, daily living habits are emphasized, which means that the height of the Norwegian population is also higher than that of other countries. In which, the average height of Norwegian men is 180.48 cm, while the height of women is 166.45 cm.


Serbia or Serbia, or the Republic of Serbia is located in the middle of Southeast Europe. Serbia is bordered by Hungary in the north and south, by Pannonia in the east, and by Bulgaria and Romania in the east. The climate of Serbia is classified as humid subtropical. Since 2000, Serbia is attracting the investment of many multinational corporations, creating the possibility of rapid development of Serbia. If we talk about the lifestyle of people in Serbia, it is impossible not to mention the perception that height is ideal in Serbia, one of the countries with the most prestigious height in the world. The average height of Serbia is 180.74 cm for men and 168.29 cm for women.



It is the Federal Republic of Germany located in Central Europe, between the Netherlands and Poland to the north of Denmark and south of Denmark, and with the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Germany has a strong industrial sector, the second most important after the US and Japan second only in terms of exports. Germans tend to live healthy in a scientific way, eat healthy, regularly play sports and especially they love cycling and walking. Young Germans are encouraged to participate in outdoor activities.

A healthy economy and a desire to participate in culture and life help the German people develop both mentally and physically. Today, the people of Germany have the best average height on earth at 180.28 cm (male) and 166.18 cm (female).


Slovenia is the Republic of Slovenia is a Southern European country located in the Balkans and bordered by the Drava valley and to the west and east by the Adriatic coast. Much of Slovenia is mountainous and has a Mediterranean environment in its western and southern regions, while the east and north have an inland climate. Slovenia is a vibrant and young country located in Southern Europe, where the people are physically fit and well developed. Based on world average height data, Slovenian men are 180.98 cm tall while women are 167.2 cm tall.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe, bordering Poland, Germany, the Slovak Republic as well as Austria. It has cool, pleasant temperatures in the summer, and cold and wet in the winter. Czech Republic The Czech Republic is known for its health-related services such as orthopedic surgery, medical and dental treatment, among others. thanks to its premium and reliable medical platform. The pleasant climate helps people to be comfortable and develop optimally. The current average height of people living in the Czech Republic is 181.19 cm for men and 167.96 cm for women.



Luxembourg is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg located in Western Europe, between Germany and France. To the north is a forested plateau. To the south are lowlands dotted with rivers and mountains. The climate is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The healthcare system in Luxembourg is superbly equipped with state-of-the-art, leading-edge medical equipment. Due to the high quality of care and investment at a young age, Luxembourg’s growth rate is impressive. The average height of men is 178.46 cm, while the average height of women is 165.07 cm.

The difference in human height between countries across the globe reflects disparities in the amount of money invested in nutrition, health lifestyle and culture. The top 10 countries with the highest personal height in the world that we have just discussed have long-standing plans to ensure the best physical development of people. Apply scientific health care methods from advanced countries to help get the desired physique. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and proper rest are just what you need to have a chance at reaching your maximum potential.


Denmark, commonly known as the Kingdom of Denmark, is located in the southernmost region of Northern Europe, south of Norway as well as southwest of Sweden and south of Germany. Denmark is a country with a warm winter climate, with cold summers, wet autumns with mild dry streams. Due to the economic boom and high level of education, the population of Denmark is boosted, which creates the necessary conditions for physical and mental development. According to average height statistics, Danish men are 181.89 cm tall while women are 169.47 cm tall.