Top 10 height increasing sneakers for men and women

Despite the popularity of shoes with elevated soles among both men and women, they are not simply worn to compensate for being short. High heels can add variety to your overall look. In this article, we will explore the top 10 stylish and visually appealing sneaker styles with elevated soles that are currently trending in the fashion world

Converse Run Star Motion

CONVERSE Run Star Motion is an upgraded version of the famous CONVERSE Run Star Hike shoe. The exaggerated wave-shaped thick sole has subverted the perception of canvas shoes.

With a bold design and exaggerated lines, it reshapes the classic midsole, making it lighter and thicker, while enhancing the contour of the foot, bringing more imagination to the shape of the canvas shoe.

The thickness of the outsole is about 65.82 mm.

Converse Run Star Motion increases height by 6.5cm

JW Anderson x Converse Run Star Hike

“It can increase your height by 5cm”

This pair of Run Star Hike was designed with Chuck Taylor in mind . It uses a 5cm serrated sponge bottom instead of the original outsole, which reduces the usual classicism of the Converse itself but adds a more dynamic, out-of-the-box feel. It enhances the sense of style and coordination for young people.

EXO member Kim Joon-myeon in black Converse Run Star Hike.

Sacai x Nike Vaporwaffle

“Padded height by 4.5cm”

Sacai x Nike Vaporwaffle

The Sacai x Nike Vaporwaffle , released in late 2020, is the hottest spot in the height increasing shoe world. Abe Chitou will redefine the lines of retro running shoes using deconstruction with layer design. After manual measurement, the three-layer midsole is the right combination of 4.5cm.

In fact, apart from the Sacai, the design of Nike’s next NEXT% running shoe is also affected, being a running shoe, you wouldn’t guess it has a 3.95cm thick outsole.

adidas YEEZY Boost 700 V3

“The effect of increasing height is a bit less but still 4cm.”

adidas YEEZY Boost 700 V3

YEEZY has been forever on the path of creating thick soles, there is no thickest, just thicker than some other pairs. But objectively speaking, the appearance seems a bit disappointing compared to its actual height increase effect. YEEZY 700 V3 canceled the Boost design of adidas, and replaced it with EVA foam, this is also one of the reasons why the official price has dropped but the comfort on the foot is still acceptable.

Anyway, V3 is still a shoe for “badboy” men, so it’s still very HOT in the past time.

Alexander McQueen Tread Slick

“Best in height increasing shoes-5.5cm”

Alexander McQueen Tread Slick

As a luxury fashion brand, the sports shoes launched on the market never disappoint enthusiasts.

This Alexander McQueen pair has also become the same style of many celebrities. In terms of shape, the canvas upper is paired with the iconic rubber sole, which, while good for heightening, the massive rubber outsole is more of a test of placement skill.

Its upper design is inspired by tool boots and industrial style, and is based on a classic canvas shoe style, complemented by a multi-layered midsole design, so it stays around no matter what. Use on feet or in visual effects.

Louis Vuitton Archlight

“Designed for women with soles over 5cm high”

Louis Vuitton Archlight

It can be said that Louis Vuitton Archlight is one of the hottest sneakers this year! There is an arc on the side of this shoe, using this angle, the whole shoe can increase by 5cm, but from the outside, it doesn’t have such an excessive height increase effect.

Since it went on sale, celebrities, supermodels, and fashion bloggers have worn these shoes. What I like about this shoe is that it not only increases the height, but the design of the height increase is also very artistic, not a platform shoe with a giant thick sole that can be seen at a glance.

Gucci Rhyton

Gucci Rhyton

Gucci also launched a pair of ugly white shoes like this, this is the classic design of daddy shoes plus the Gucci logo, this is also a nostalgic design.

They are much smaller and lighter than the Balenciaga. They are soft and can hurt themselves up to 5 cm tall, small, creamy white, versatile and clean.

Balenciaga Triple S

The most popular big ugly shoes recently is the Balenciaga Triple S.

Balenciaga Triple S

The name is Triple S because this shoe has a 3-layer sole, after wearing it, the height increases by 6cm, of course, the height increase effect is very good! Another interesting thing about this shoe is that you will mark your shoe size on the toe of the shoe, some women say that their feet are a bit big and go shopping for these shoes.

However, these shoes will feel a bit heavy right after you put them on, and will no longer feel after a day of wearing.

MLB Korea Chunky High Top

MLB Korea

This Gucci imitation design but cheaper price, suitable for boys and girls, students.

MLB shoes have leather that is not as luxurious as luxury brands, but with a unique and personal design that makes it hotter than ever.

Raf Simons × adidas Ozweego

The shoes are often seen on Rapper Binz’s feet and are a suitable choice for many young people today.

This shoe line was born in the third generation from 2013 to 2019. This is considered an early choice of Chunky Sneaker as a combination of silhouette shoes, so it is also very popular and sought-after at the time. that point.

When fashion stylist Taylor Okata talked about evolving trends in sneakers, he mentioned that the thick sole element was actually started by Raf Simons x adidas in 2013. With its pioneering detailed design Raf Simons and adidas retro running silhouette, this Ozweego stands out among the many cross-border collaborations.

The silhouette of the classic shoe is combined with a leather upper, and the outsole is made of lightweight rubber, so even if it looks heavy, it is really easy and comfortable on the foot. .

COMME des GARÇONS x Salomon

“It’s not out yet so it can’t be measured, but it looks taller than the above.”

COMME des GARÇONS x Salomon

This latest collaboration between Rei Kawakubo and French outdoor shoe brand Salomon can be said to completely destroy the original look of the Salomon running shoe, introducing a thick sole design to create a new outsole. , simple and neat but also shows a strong personality.


“As a canvas shoe, it actually has a 4.5cm high bottom.”


VISVIM is a brand that combines American retro style with Japanese style, preferably combining classic shoes with new elements to create a “revival”. For example this VISVIM SKAGWAY HI, in fact, the shoe body is not much different from regular canvas shoes, but the toe is double-layered and luxuriously designed to include elements and ideas. its own unique design idea.

Whether it’s a sweet girl or a cool handsome guy, you can control it.

UGG × Whit Mountaineering CA805

“5cm high base makes you not short”

UGG × Whit Mountaineering CA805

Actually, this is a relatively unpopular shoe among many collab shoes, in terms of shoe shape, I still choose the hot retro running shoe shape, and the 3 colors it brings are also relatively basic.

In fact, it is difficult to see the shadow of the UGG by looking at the color scheme and shape. Under some “reactive” looks, the great increase in thickness of the Treadlite outsole adds a lot of color to it.

Ze by Sankuanz Good Bai

This ZE by SANKUANZ by Bach Kinh Dinh and Shangguan Zhe, the “GOOD BAI” retro running shoe series teamed together, is a super-economical shoe that can fulfill all of the above.

The design of the shoe is based on the Eastern European military training boots of the 1980s and 1990s.

And it incorporates the design elements of the ZE by SANKUANZ badminton shoe. The overall feel has a classic feel but also has a modern charm with fluid lines.

In terms of materials and technology, cow suede and microfiber leather add a smooth texture to the upper, making it feel “warmer” to the touch; Non-slip and wear-resistant EVA and rubber sole, with strong support, provides comfortable feeling Foot feeling can easily cope with different occasions and environments.

Ze by Sankuanz Good Bai increase height


When niche sneakers can still increase height, it can be called the current “shoe industry common model”.

Coming from the newly established Korean sneaker brand IYSO can meet the dual needs of not touching shoes and increasing height perfectly.

IYSO has a very avant-garde design concept. The brand name IYSO means “the process of changing a line segment from a straight line to a circle”. This concept is not based on the meaning of the word, but is conveyed through the shape of the letters. .

“IYSO, the process of changing from the first letter I to the last letter O” breaks free from the established framework and uses an infinitive to show the core concept known as “GYEOL”. Welding means texture, texture”.

In keeping with this idea, IYSO designed the exclusive and somewhat interchangeable LAYER-TREK rubber outsole, which has been adopted for today’s recommended HALO line.

IYSO shoes increase height

APC Sneaker

When it comes to the APC brand, people will immediately think of his minimalist and high-class clothing style, which is representative of contemporary French ready-to-wear brands.

The APC brand, which is basically not following trends, is very good at “reacting to the same changes”.

Year after year, the basic outfit has been refined to become more vibrant. Even if I wear the brand’s styles ten years ago, it’s still fashionable and attractive today. This can be considered as one of the few people who faithfully implement “realistic minimalism” clothing brand.

For more than 30 years, the founders and their team have insisted on designing their own upper body, complemented by fine tailoring and high-quality fabrics, while the team does not Stop chasing the details that made APC what it is today. The world, whether it’s the fashion world or the casual office worker, loves Youjia’s brands.

After partnering with professional sports shoe brands like NIKE and Vans a few years ago, and successfully generating sales, APC decided to develop and design athletic shoes on its own, thereby creating a line of shoes. APC “SNEAKER”.

APC Sneaker increases height

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