Top 13 most effective ways to increase height at 12


The quest for increased height has been a timeless pursuit for many individuals who may not have been blessed with towering stature. Fortunately, there exists a golden age, a window of opportunity, at the tender age of 12, when nature’s growth potential can be harnessed to its fullest. If you find yourself aspiring to add inches to your frame and stand taller, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore 13 effective methods that you can incorporate into your daily routine, propelling you towards the height of your dreams. So, without further ado, let’s delve into these tried-and-true techniques that hold the promise of a taller you

What is the standard height at 12 years old?

By the age of 12, the average height for girls typically hovers around 149.8 cm, while boys tend to be around 149.1 cm in height.

It’s worth noting that girls may actually be taller than boys at this age. This phenomenon is attributed to the fact that girls often undergo puberty before boys do. During puberty, the growth in height can be quite rapid, which can result in girls being taller than their male peers.

If you’re curious about your own height, you can easily measure it at home and compare it to the typical heights for 12-year-olds of both genders. This can help you gauge whether you’re progressing within the expected range of growth for your age.


Why should we be concerned about children’s height at the age of 12?

It’s crucial to focus on and implement strategies to boost height at the earliest opportunity, as the likelihood of achieving significant growth is highest during this period. At the age of 12, most girls have already begun puberty, while boys are gearing up for it. These stages mark a remarkable growth spurt compared to earlier phases of development.

Recognizing insufficient height at the age of 12 and promptly applying scientific methods to increase height can enable children who fall below the standard to surpass adult heights. However, it’s not just about age 12; throughout a child’s development, parents should vigilantly monitor and regularly assess their child’s height and weight, comparing these metrics to established growth standards for each age. By doing so, parents can adjust their child-rearing methods, promoting healthy growth and ensuring their child maintains an optimal physique and well-being.

What are the best ways to increase height at the age of 12 for children?

If your child is below the norm at the age of 12, parents should apply the following methods to increase height quickly at the age of 12:

Drink milk

Cow’s milk, goat’s milk, nut milk all contain high nutritional value, especially protein, calcium, vitamin D which are important in the process of height growth. Parents should encourage their children to drink milk every day with an average content of 350-700ml/day.

Eat enough meals

In addition to 3 main meals breakfast – lunch – dinner, if you want a 12-year-old child to grow in height quickly, parents should give their children 2 more snacks in the mid-morning and late-afternoon with healthy snacks to add variety. Nutrition, support good height growth.

Increase green vegetables

Many children do not like green vegetables, many parents also underestimate green vegetables compared to fish meat, making the diet menu deficient in vitamins and minerals. Green vegetables are a source of fiber, vitamins A, C, B, Calcium, Magnesium … to help the digestive system function well, strong bones. Therefore, you should increase green vegetables in your daily meal if you want your baby to grow up to standard.


Get enough sleep

Going to bed early and getting enough sleep every day is also an effective way to increase height at the age of 12. When sleeping, the whole body is relaxed and rested. This is also the time when the pituitary gland is active to produce growth hormone that promotes bone growth and height. Parents should remind their children to go to bed early before 10 pm, because from 11 pm to 1 pm is the time when the pituitary gland produces the most growth hormone during the day. Get enough sleep 8-10 hours/day, including about 20 minutes of lunch break.

Drink enough water

Water is the solvent that dissolves and transports nutrients to the body, and receives harmful toxins to be eliminated through sweat and urine. The skeletal system needs water to lubricate joints and promote cell growth. Every day, children need to add about 1.5-2 liters of water, which includes drinking water and water-based dishes. Should prioritize filtered water, fruit juice – vegetable instead of bottled soft drinks because this product can be harmful to the bone system as well as the health of the child.


Sunlight can stimulate the skin to synthesize vitamin D, which supports the body’s absorption of calcium. Therefore, sunbathing every day is also a simple way to supplement vitamin D, promoting height growth to its full potential. However, parents need to note that the appropriate time to sunbathe is before 10 am and after 3 pm, when the intensity of UV rays is not too high. The time of sunbathing does not exceed 15 minutes because with this time, the skin has synthesized enough of the necessary vitamin D needs / day.

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Daily exercise

12-year-old children want to grow up quickly, they need to ensure the time to play sports from 45-60 minutes/day. This is necessary for the absorption of minerals in the bones, and at the same time helps the bone system to be supple and strong. In addition, playing sports daily is also a way to help children react more sensitively, enhance metabolism and blood circulation in the body, stimulate sweating to eliminate toxins… Sports suitable for children 12 years old to help increase height quickly: Football, swimming, badminton, jumping rope, cycling, yoga, aerobics …

Choose comfortable clothes

Wearing a comfortable outfit helps children easily move, play sports, not be constrained and uncomfortable. Clothes that are too tight make children uncomfortable to eat, afraid to play sports, even hinder blood circulation, causing skin allergies. Therefore, please reduce the interest in fashion factors, instead encourage your child to choose clothes that can be stretchy, fit or slightly loose to create the best conditions for the natural height development process. course.

Maintain correct posture

How children walk, stand, lie down, sit, carry daily objects is closely related to the natural growth of height. The most common mistake is that children bend forward when walking, sitting, lying down and often bending too deeply when carrying heavy objects. This puts pressure on the spine, even causing the spine to curve, reducing the actual height and creating a hunchback, unsightly appearance. Therefore, parents should closely monitor and promptly remind their children when they are in the wrong position to study, walk or sleep.

Increase the body’s immunity

The body’s immunity has a close relationship with height growth. Children with weak immune systems and frequent illnesses may be shorter than healthy children. Increasing the body’s immunity is a quick way to improve height for children, parents need to pay attention. Should pay attention to eating scientifically, exercising regularly, getting proper rest and ensuring a clean and safe living environment will help improve your child’s resistance.


Weight control

Children who are too fat or too thin are reflecting mistakes in daily health care. Maintaining a standard and appropriate weight for height also has a significant effect in the natural physical development process. A 12-year-old girl weighing 41.2kg is eligible. Boys need to ensure that the weight of 39.9kg is considered standard. Make sure your child has the same weight or no more than 2kg difference from this to help him grow in height.

Reduce sugar and salt

Adding too much sugar and salt reduces the ability to absorb minerals, reducing mineral levels in the bones. In addition, if sugar is the cause of weight gain, eating a lot of salt puts pressure on the excretory system, which adversely affects health and height growth. Parents should not let their children form the habit of eating too sweet or too salty, which is not good for their children’s height and health in the future.

Use products that support height increase

Products to support height increase, also known as functional foods to increase height, is a solution to improve height quickly for growing children and adolescents, especially in the period of puberty 10-18 years old. The product adds nutrients beneficial to the development of the bone system such as: Calcium, Collagen type II, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D … with specific content per tablet. Besides, it only takes children a few minutes a day to use the height increase medicine, it provides many essential nutrients that the daily diet may miss or not meet the needs.

Currently, using height-enhancing products is a way to improve stature that is loved by many modern parents in developed countries, both saving time and optimizing nutrition for children’s height. Parents should search and choose safe and quality products to help their children increase height effectively and quickly.

The reasons why children do not reach the standard height at the age of 12

Understanding the causes of underdevelopment at the age of 12 will help parents adjust and shape their children’s living habits, helping their children to be healthy and taller.

Children eat too much

Thinking that the more children eat, the better, so many parents do not control the amount of food their children eat at each meal. Letting children eat too much increases the risk of obesity, early puberty is all obstacles on the journey of children’s height development. Parents should calculate the appropriate calorie intake for the child’s age, feed the child with the appropriate amount, do not let the child eat too much food each meal, eat more than 5 meals/day.

Improper food preparation

Children often love fried, grilled foods that are prepared at high temperatures and use a lot of spices. This will reduce the nutritional value of food, loss of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, despite eating a lot, eating a variety of foods, children are still at risk of short stature. To help their children grow in height, parents should choose effective ways to process foods that preserve nutrients in food such as: Boiling, steaming.

Improper movement

Although exercise is one of the fastest ways to increase height, not all forms of exercise are beneficial to height, not the more you exercise, the faster your height will increase. Letting children play sports for too long every day makes muscle groups and bones overworked and severely damaged, which will adversely affect height growth. Some sports are not beneficial for bone development, including: Marathon running, weight lifting, martial arts…

Excessive use of electronic devices

At the age of 12, most children have mastered the use of common electronic devices such as phones, computers, ipads, televisions, etc. The attractive content on electronic devices makes many children spend too much time. for it, skipping eating on time, being inactive, not getting enough sleep. Therefore, overuse of electronic devices can be the cause of your child’s height below the norm at the age of 12.

Living environment is not good

Factors of the living environment such as: environmental pollution, special family circumstances, children interacting with bad friends … make children’s health and mental health significantly affected, losing opportunities for growth. reaching the age standard of 12. Ensuring a fresh, comfortable and fun living environment is also an important note if you are with your child to conquer the ideal height.

What milk to give children to increase height at the age of 12 effectively?

Some types of milk to increase height below are suggestions parents can consider to improve height for their 12-year-old children.

Asumiru’s Height Increase Milk

This is a height increasing milk line produced by Itty Japan company, suitable for children from 3-16 years old. Milk contains good nutritional ingredients for children’s height such as: Calcium, DHA, zinc, magnesium, MK7, L-arginine, CPP, vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, E, D… with the following uses: Improve height, support brain development, eyesight, strengthen the immune system, strengthen bones and joints…


Milo Australian height increase milk

With delicious taste, Milo is the favorite milk of many Vietnamese children. This milk is extracted from barley germ, rich in iron protein, vitamin B1, calcium which are very beneficial for the bone system and height. Australian Milo helps provide energy for children to function every day, supports height development, toned muscle system, improves immune system, enhances memory.

VitaGrow height increase milk No. 4

As a type of milk produced in Vietnam, suitable for children over 3 years old, contains nutrients to help increase height and perfect brain function: DHA, ARA, nucleotides, protein, fat, protein, tryptophan , calcium, vitamin D, Mk7, phosphorus … In addition, children using VitaGrow milk No. 4 also eat better, sleep better, gain weight quickly.

Devondale Full Cream Milk

The delicious, greasy taste of milk cream is the favorite of many children. Devondale full cream milk is an Australian product for children aged 1 year and over. With ingredients including: Protein, vitamin A, vitamin B12, potassium, zinc, phosphorus… Devondale is the right choice to improve height, weight and increase resistance.

Korean Hikid Milk

This is one of the milk products that once caused a fever in the Korean market thanks to its rich ingredients and great uses. Hikid milk contains calcium, iron, zinc, DHA, amino acids and many other vitamins to help children grow taller, digest well, sleep well…


Exercises to increase height for 12 year olds

Performing the following exercises daily is a way to increase height for children, parents should pay attention:


Jumping rope is a simple height increase exercise that almost any 12 year old can do. The regular jumping and the process of landing with the feet helps promote the formation and growth of bones, the legs are longer and slimmer, providing a spectacular height increase effect that can surprise many people.


Practicing jogging in the morning or evening every day is an opportunity for children to breathe fresh air, help promote metabolism in the body and strengthen bones and joints, especially legs. Parents, please encourage or accompany your child to jog for about 30 minutes/day to improve height.


At the age of 12, children can already do many height-increasing yoga exercises with specific instructions. Yoga exercises that help stretch the body, especially the spine, will help increase height and improve posture. Some yoga exercises that are beneficial for height growth include: cobra, baby pose, bridge pose, tree pose, bow pose…



Hanging on the rafters in your spare time is a relaxing and useful way to improve height for 12-year-olds. In the swinging position, the spine is straightened and is no longer under the pressure of the body’s weight. As a result, the process of developing bone length takes place better, bringing a standard height.

Swimming on land

This is not a supplementary exercise for swimming as many people think. This move stimulates the muscles and bones from the spine to the lower body to be stretched, thereby growing faster. Practicing this exercise is also quite simple, parents instruct children to lie on their stomach, arms and legs stretched out along the body. Raise your right leg and left arm and try to stretch to feel the stretch in your body. Then switch to left foot, right hand. Regular and continuous exercise will help children develop a favorable height.

Menu to increase height for children 12 years old

Not all parents have enough time to study nutrition from food and combine foods together to create a varied menu. If you are trying to increase height for your child, parents can try Debametulam’s menu to increase height for 12 years old within 1 week below:

2ndChicken sticky riceRiceSteamed broccoli

Braised meat with eggs

Shrimp cooked spinach soup

RiceSweet and sour ribs


Stuffed bitter melon soup

Milk + strawberry
3rdRice noodles with barbecueRiceBraised fish

Gourd soup cooked with shrimp

RiceChar siu meat

Boiled bean sprouts

Jute crab soup

Yogurt + banana
4thFried egg breadRiceShrimp with meat

Minced meat amaranth soup

RiceFried red snapper

The soup is enough to cook pork rolls

1 piece of cheese + watermelon
ThursdaySeafood porridgeRiceTofu braised meat

Sour cooked mussel soup

RiceStir-fried asparagus with beef

Pumpkin soup with shrimp

Lotus seed tea + apple
FridayBroken rice with pork ribsRicePan-fried Salmon

Steamed okra

Pumpkin stew with bones

RiceBoiled meat

Fried Tofu

Minced vegetable soup

Tofu + peanut cookies
SaturdayBeef noodle soupRiceStir-fried beef with bitter melon

Spinach soup cooked with minced meat

RiceSalted cutlet


Gourd soup cooked with shrimp

Milk + Almonds
SundayChicken mushroom soupRiceShrimp with meat

Steamed egg

Minced cabbage soup

Snakehead fish cake soupMilk + avocado smoothie

At the age of 12, it is not too late if you want to improve your child’s height. Ensuring a scientific diet combined with the use of height increasing drugs with a reasonable exercise and rest schedule, your baby will have good health and outstanding stature, confidently do what he likes.