Ways to Boost Human Growth Hormone

The growth of the body in general and height in particular is influenced by 3 main hormones:

  • growth hormone
  • thyroid hormone
  • sex hormones

In particular, growth hormone (HGH) has a great influence on height, as well as contributes to building bones and muscles in the body. Genetic factors can lead to growth hormone deficiency in children, which in the long run can cause stunted growth.

In this article, let’s learn about the function of HGH with Debametulam and learn how to stimulate height growth hormone effectively.

What is height growth hormone?

Hormones play an important role in most of the body’s major functions, including growth. There are many different glands in the body that are responsible for producing hormones, but medical professionals consider the pituitary gland to be the main control gland.


The pituitary gland is a structure in the brain that produces various specialized hormones, including growth hormone (HGH). The roles of growth hormone include building bone density and muscle mass, affecting growth and development.

Growth hormone can vary widely and is affected by physical activity, sleep, mood, and blood sugar levels.

Throughout life, this hormone also contributes to the regulation of fat, muscle, tissue, and bone, as well as other aspects of the body such as metabolism, insulin action, and blood sugar levels. HGH levels will gradually decrease as we enter middle age.

How does height growth hormone work?

Our bones need an adequate supply of growth hormone during childhood and puberty in order to grow at the rate of adulthood. Height growth hormone prompts the liver to make a substance called insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) which is involved in bone growth.

Growth hormone in children

Growth hormone levels are maintained throughout childhood and peak at puberty. During this stage of development, growth hormone promotes the growth of bones and cartilage.

Too little or too much growth hormone will cause abnormal growth in the body. Among them, too little growth hormone is one of the main causes of stunted growth and dwarfism.

To achieve maximum bone length growth, try to exploit and take full advantage of the effect of height growth hormone. In the next content of the article will suggest 4 ways to increase this hormone.

4 ways to stimulate height growth hormone

Injecting hormones to increase height

Growth hormone injection is the most popular method of stimulation in both adults and children. This stimulation requires the attention and prescription of a doctor.

To inject height growth hormone, you need to undergo blood tests. Several other tests are also done to check for the need for HGH supplementation, such as testing for cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and bone density.


For children with growth hormone deficiency, the injection should be given as early as possible to give the child the same height as other children of the same age.

However, the injection of height growth hormone can cause side effects that affect overall health:

  • Muscle pain
  • Joint discomfort
  • Headache
  • Swollen hands and feet
  • Sometimes it can be life-threatening.

One thing to note is that growth hormone injections are only effective when you are still in the growing age, ie the bones have not yet closed. In the case of fused cartilage layers, height growth hormone will not be effective.

Change your eating habits

Meals have a significant effect on the height growth hormone levels in the body. Building a scientific diet, providing enough essential groups of substances (protein, fat, starch, vitamins and minerals) is essential.

Besides, changing eating habits, especially eating before going to sleep is also important. Some studies suggest that high-carb and high-protein meals can spike insulin levels and potentially suppress nighttime HGH production. However, more research is still needed to confirm this.

Although this is just a theory, you also need to pay attention to this eating habit to avoid disrupting sleep.

Exercise at high intensity

Exercise is one of the effective ways to stimulate height growth hormone. Although exercise only helps increase height growth hormone levels in the short term, in the long term, exercise can optimize hormone function.


All forms of exercise or exercise increase growth hormone. However, the level also depends on the type of exercise, the intensity of the exercise. Of all sports, lifting weights and stretching are considered to be the most effective height growth hormone stimulators.

Lift weights at a moderate level

We often think that lifting weights can affect cartilage layers and limit the ability to increase height. However, this only happens when you lift too heavy weights or practice the wrong technique.

Lifting weights with moderate intensity is an effective way to stimulate height growth hormone without damaging the cartilage. In addition, this exercise also helps build endurance, increase bone density and strengthen tendons and ligaments.

If you choose to lift weights, practice the right technique, choose a moderate weight to maximize the effect of height growth hormone production.

Do stretching exercises

Stretching exercises restore and regenerate bones, cartilage, joints after performing activities of the day. This is also a way to stimulate height growth hormone.

Stretching exercises have the function of increasing blood flow to the growth plates, so that bone cartilage has enough material to build up. On the other hand, these exercises also increase flexibility, reduce pressure on ligaments and tendons.

To stimulate the maximum amount of height growth hormone, you should spend 30 minutes a day to exercise. Priority should be given to stretching in the lower body to enhance the effect.

Optimizing sleep

For the most part, height growth hormone is released according to the body’s circadian rhythm. Getting enough sleep is a long-term strategy to boost HGH production. Studies have shown that hormone levels produced during sleep are 10 times higher than normal.

Interestingly, growth hormone is secreted throughout sleep and peaks 70 minutes after the onset of sleep. Peak time lasts from 11 pm to 1 am the next morning, if you have a deep sleep. Then it will gradually lower until you wake up.

Studies have also shown that sleeping late will shorten the time it takes for growth hormone to peak. Therefore, you should go to bed at 10 pm every day to take full advantage of the effects of sleep and growth hormone.


Height growth hormone plays an important role in the growth and development of the body, especially height. There are many ways to stimulate the production of growth hormone in the body. In particular, intense exercise, optimizing sleep and changing eating habits are scientific methods and bring quick results.

One thing to note is that the height growth hormone is produced a lot during puberty and only gives the effect of increasing height when the cartilage has not yet fully ossified. Therefore, you need to grasp this moment to soon reach the ideal height.