Weaning menu for 1 year old baby

For young children, especially one-year-olds, eating foods that are both healthy, delicious and appealing is a challenge for many parents. Today, Debametulam.com will reveal to parents a nutritious meal plan for a 1-year-old baby through the list of weaning menus for 1-year-old babies below!

What kind of food should a 1-year-old baby supplement?

Unlike young children or older children who are eating solid foods, the menu for a 1-year-old baby as well as stimulating taste and smell also needs to provide adequate nutrients suitable for children. Therefore, parents must pay attention to foods with high nutritional value to make a menu for a one-year-old baby.


It can be considered an essential part of a 1-year-old infant’s diet. Starch is an essential ingredient because it is an important source of carbohydrates also known as carbohydrates, which provide energy and fiber for young children.

If your child’s food contains starch, it can help keep him active throughout the day.

Starch is believed to be an important component of a one-year-old’s diet due to its attractiveness and variety. Parents will take this nutrient into children’s dishes such as porridge, rice, flour or dishes made from tubers, potatoes …

Therefore, starch is the main nutrient in the eating plan for 1-year-old infants.



In addition to starch, another essential nutrient in a one-year-old’s menu is eggs. Everyone knows that eggs are high in calcium and protein content.

In addition, eggs are very easy to prepare, including cooked, boiled, steamed eggs, omelettes or cakes. Therefore, parents can add eggs to the menu of one-year-old children to support their healthy development and be more energetic to work, helping the organs in the body work better.

Eggs can be transformed into many different ways of processing and are easy to eat, helping the baby’s taste buds to develop diversely.

Meat, shrimp, fish

This is the main group of ingredients that provide highly effective protein for babies. This food ingredient not only supports your baby’s body in making and synthesizing beneficial antibodies, but it also boosts your baby’s immune system and strength.

If you give your child this nutrient, they will grow stronger and healthier.

Plus, fish, meat and shrimp are easy to prepare meals. When planning a menu for a newborn baby, parents can modify the cooking method to ensure that the baby eats more deliciously.

Green vegetables

An important ingredient in the diet of a 1-year-old baby that parents need to pay attention to is green vegetables. When a newborn, the amount of vegetables in the daily diet is very large, so parents need to pay attention to adding the right amount of vegetables to the child’s food.

In addition, green vegetables have many types, many different flavors and attractive colors that can stimulate children’s taste and sight, helping them eat more deliciously. Green ingredients are also a source of many advantages for children’s digestion because they have a significant amount of fiber.

Consuming a large amount of green vegetables can help your baby avoid the risk of constipation. They will support gut health and regulate metabolism and help your baby develop more fully.


An important ingredient in nutrition that parents should not overlook when planning a menu for a 1-year-old is fruit. They are known to be a fruit that contains many minerals and vitamins that help regulate the functions of the body. Fruits especially contain a large amount of fiber to help children not be constipated.

Therefore, fruit should be part of the diet for babies who have just turned one year old. This will help them learn to accept it slowly.

The way to make fruit is also diverse and simple. Parents can feed their children directly, or squeeze juice, mix into smoothies, etc. to ensure that the food does not become boring and support children to love a more nutritious diet.

Eating time and nutritional composition in each meal for a 1-year-old baby

In addition to understanding the most important nutritional components needed to create a suitable menu for a one-year-old child, parents must also pay attention to meal times and the nutritional value of each meal for their child.

Parents must ensure that their child eats three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Parents can also add snacks at 9am 2, 4pm or 9pm to give your baby extra energy in case you notice your child is hungry. At the same time, eating three meals a day will help your baby grow stronger and more comprehensive.

The amount of daytime meals for a one-year-old child that parents can refer to is:

  • Starch (rice): 100-150g
  • Meat, fish, shrimp: 100-120g
  • Eggs: 3-4 eggs per week (eat only one meal a day)

In addition, parents must be aware of the nutritional value of each food they feed their child. In particular, they should consider:

  • Grease: 25-30g
  • Fruit, ripe fruit: 150-200mg
  • Milk: Try to limit 600-800ml of milk per day.

However, each baby with a different body will require a different amount of time and nutrition for each meal. Therefore, the amount of food above is only a guide that parents can use to be able to adjust the portion size to increase or decrease the amount of food to suit the needs of the child.


Weaning menu for 1 year old baby

To have a healthy and delicious food for children, parents must change the menu daily to increase children’s curiosity and avoid boredom. AVAKids is pleased to encourage parents to check out the menus specifically for one-year-olds below:

Menu 1:

Main course: Mackerel with tomato sauce, washed and cut eel. Then sauté turmeric.

Vegetable dishes: After preliminary processing, washed and cut into pieces as long as a baby’s hand, the mother took boiled squash until soft.

Sweets: You can grind apples into smoothies to use as desserts for your kids

Menu 2:

Main course: White rice cooked with meatballs, fried.

Vegetable dishes: Stir-fried spinach with minced beef for baby soup

Dessert: Banana dessert for babies to eat directly.

Menu 3:

Main course Rice cooked with nuts, steamed shrimp and lemongrass

Side dish: Crispy banana cake

Vegetable dishes Cut carrots and potatoes into small pieces, simmer the bones for soup.

Dessert Strawberry dessert for kids. take directly.

Menu 4:

Main course: Deep fried minced chicken breast with sweet corn

Side dish: Chop the bok into bite-sized pieces and serve with mushroom sauce

Vegetable dish: chopped cabbage for soup

Dessert: Yogurt for dessert.

Menu 5:

The main course is oatmeal and cooked tuna, after frying. remove the bones and combine it all with mayonnaise

Vegetable dishes: Prepare green pear soup, then cook.

Desserts Desserts are delicious orange jelly for kids.

Menu 6:

Main course: Minced meat rice, omelet

Vegetable dish: Seaweed cooked with shrimp

Banana dessert for kids to eat right away.

Menu 7:

Main course: Rice cooked with thinly sliced ​​beef sauteed with onions

Vegetable dish: Steamed taro soup

Dessert: Seedless grapes can be given to children to help increase grip skills.

Menu 8:

Main course: Tofu stuffed with rice and tomato sauce

Vegetable dishes: Initial preparation, then cut chayote into bite-sized pieces. Then cooked

Dessert: Vitamin-rich yogurt for babies

9 . menu

Ingredients to prepare: 40g oats, 30g carrots and 30g minced lean meat with some herbs and green onions

How to do The first step is to soak the bird’s nest for five minutes to make the bird’s nest bloom. Then, you chop the meat, put the carrots in for preliminary processing. Sliced ​​fresh carrots.

Then, she added the cooked oatmeal and carrots, before adding the oats and meat, seasoning to taste. While cooking, be sure to close the lid last and add the herbs and green onions. allow your child to enjoy

Menu 10, Lotus seed chicken porridge and other vegetables

Ingredients to prepare: Chicken breast, chicken breast and thigh with lotus seeds, carrot rice, broccoli and seasoning powder for 1 year old.

The process is like that. Please prepare the ingredients in advance. Clean the chicken, cut into small pieces for the baby to eat. Then, marinate them with seasoning to enhance the flavor.

Vegetables such as broccoli, carrots as well as sweet corn, are chopped and then cooked. Then she put chicken, lotus seed rice, sweet corn, broccoli, and carrots into the stew to make porridge. This is an easy and healthy recipe for a one year old baby.

Here are some menus that parents can use and from which parents can change to best suit their child.


Some notes when feeding a 1-year-old baby solid food

The first thing to note is that parents need to give their children time to adjust to eating.

For a one-year-old, getting used to foods other than milk can be a lengthy process. Therefore, when starting to teach children to eat solid foods, parents should let children gradually adapt to many different foods, should not force children to eat.

When the baby is not used to eating three or more times, parents need to try again the next time or the next day and let the baby get used to and get used to the new food.

The most important aspect to remember is not to force your child to eat.

When children do not like and refuse to cooperate, parents must restrain and do not force children to eat, which will most likely create a fear of eating and anorexia. Not only that, force-feeding can make children anorexic and less effective in absorbing nutrients.

Create a menu for your child every day

To help their children eat more nutritiously, parents can let their children choose their favorite dishes and prepare a menu for them. This can create children’s expectations and feelings of enjoyment when eating, children will find the food more attractive and will help them gain weight.

Choose clean food

In a one-year-old baby, the digestive and immune systems are still fragile, which is why parents must be extremely careful when choosing foods for their children to eat.

Parents should choose healthy, safe foods that do not contain harmful ingredients such as preservatives, plant protection agents, etc. to ensure the health of their children.

In addition, when making a menu suitable for a 1-year-old baby, parents must change the dishes with many options to create excitement for the baby. The most nutritious food is seasonally processed from tubers, vegetables, and fruits to ensure cleanliness, freshness as well as help your child avoid gastrointestinal diseases.