What is the height of 8 years old girl?


The age of 8 marks a significant milestone in a young girl’s life as she stands on the threshold of puberty. It’s a phase when her body begins to show the promise of growth, offering an opportunity to bridge any previous stature shortcomings. For parents, understanding the typical height expectations for a child at this age becomes crucial, as it provides valuable insights into how to support their growth effectively. So, the question arises: How tall is an 8-year-old girl?

What is the standard height and weight for an 8-year-old girl?

To know what the standard height and weight of an 8-year-old girl is, parents can refer to the World Health Organization (WHO) table of standard height and weight for age (WHO) below:

AgeHeight (cm)Weight (kg)

Thus, based on the above table, it can be seen that the standard height and weight of an 8-year-old girl are 126.6 cm and 25 kg, respectively.

If the girl has not yet reached the above standard height and weight milestones, parents need to make adjustments in the child’s lifestyle and activities to be suitable to grasp the puberty stage. To do this effectively, parents first need to have the habit of monitoring the height and weight of their children through each age.


Why is it important to monitor a child’s height and weight?

Increasing height is the process of accumulating nutrition, exercise and sleep factors over time. That is also why at each age, the child’s height has a different number, the following height will be “slightly” higher than the previous one.

Keeping track of your child’s height and weight can help parents:

  • Determine where the child’s height is relative to the norm.
  • Find gaps in care and make adjustments more appropriately.
  • Determine the rate of reaching the standard height in adulthood.
  • Grasp and make full use of the ability to increase height during puberty.

10 effective ways to increase height for 8-year-old children

To help 8-year-old children grow and develop height effectively, please pay attention to apply 8 ways to increase height for 8-year-old children below!

Build eating habits

The most basic and simplest way to increase height for 8-year-olds is to follow a balanced diet. To have a standard height, teach children to stay away from fast foods, junk foods and follow a healthy diet.

Instead of giving your child a burger, pizza, fries, carbonated water, etc., cook them delicious and nutritious meals full of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and healthy fats.

Include plenty of lean protein in your child’s diet such as chicken, eggs, beans, soybeans, fish, etc., as well as green leafy vegetables, nuts and dairy products in the diet for the body. Children have enough calcium needed for bone development.


Take care of your sleep

Sufficient sleep is not only essential for a healthy immune system, enhanced concentration, but also an important factor affecting the development of a child’s body size.

Children tend to grow taller while sleeping thanks to the growth hormone secreted during sleep. This hormone plays an important role in the overall development in general and the height development of children in particular.

A child who goes to bed on time and 8 hours a night has a greater chance of having a healthy body and ability than children who lack sleep. So, create a cozy environment and set strict bedtimes to make sure your kids sleep on time.

Inspiring the spirit of fitness

Children’s height will be very difficult to improve if they are not encouraged to practice sports. In other words, stimulating the spirit of physical exercise for children is a way to increase height with rapid effect.

Most sports like running, cycling, jumping rope or stretching exercises are great options for boosting your child’s growth. However, swimming is an activity enjoyed by most children and can easily be included in the whole family weekend plans.

Swimming is a full-body exercise because it requires movement of all parts of the body. This sport involves straightening the body, increasing the strength of the spine – a necessary condition for height development.

However, make sure your child doesn’t go hungry before exercise, stay hydrated during exercise, and eat protein-rich foods after exercise.


Create a positive environment

Although the environment does not directly affect the height of the child, a negative environment can cause a lot of stress and delay the child’s development. This happens because when children are stressed, the production of growth hormone of the pituitary gland is also inhibited.

On the other hand, stress and fear can also make children not eat well, leading to a lack of nutrients for development or poor sleep, leading to the elimination of toxins, the regeneration of body energy is also affected. Therefore, parents need to create a positive environment for children to develop comprehensively.

Sun exposure

Vitamin D is essential for the growth of children. The presence of vitamin D helps the process of calcium absorption take place more effectively, thereby enhancing the growth of length as well as bone mass and density.

Not food, sunshine is an abundant source of vitamin D for the body. However, this only happens when the skin is directly exposed to UVB rays in the sun. Therefore, allow children to be active in the sun more often, especially between 9am and 4pm.

Use supporting products

For children to reach the standard height at each age and the maximum growth rate in each stage, the addition of nutrients from meals is not really enough. Because the process of processing and preserving can lead to loss of nutrients. At this time, using food support is essential.

Currently, there are many products to support height increase for children from 5 to 20 years old, especially at puberty. However, parents should choose calcium supplements in the form of Nano with other supporting substances such as Collagen, Zinc, and vitamin D to help children reach their maximum height during this period.


Improve your posture

In all activities of walking, standing, sitting, stooping, bending can cause the spine to bend, causing the child to lose a few centimeters compared to the actual height Practicing wrong posture for a long time will become worse. into bad habits, inhibiting the continued growth of bones and losing the ability to reach the standard height in adulthood.

In order for children not to get this bad habit, parents need to guide their children to the correct postures from the beginning or let them practice yoga – a subject that helps to correct posture very effectively.

Improve immune system

Illness is one of the factors that have a significant influence on the height growth of children. When the health of the immune system is not guaranteed, the overall health of the child will decline, leading to consequences such as poor nutritional absorption, insufficient physical strength to exercise, poor sleep, etc.

According to Lamsaodecao.com – The best way to help children strengthen their immune system is to give them a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise and scientific rest) and a happy, positive living environment. .

Help children understand gender

8 years old is the time when girls are about to enter puberty – a period when both body and mind undergo drastic changes, helping children better understand gender is really necessary. In particular, let your children know the importance of stature as well as the relationship between puberty and height so that children can cooperate with you to bring the best results in the process of height improvement.

Periodic health check-up

Periodic health checkup is one of the ways to help parents monitor and ensure the seamless growth of their children’s height and physical health. At the same time, early detection of potential diseases in the child’s body for timely treatment.


Habits to avoid for children to increase height quickly

Let your baby drink a lot of milk

Milk is an abundant source of calcium, but drinking a lot of milk does not necessarily help children grow taller. Here are a few reasons for parents to consider:

  • Milk contains calcium but also high in fat, drinking a lot of milk can cause obesity.
  • The body only absorbs ⅔ of the milk, the remaining ⅓ will be excreted through the excretory system, drinking a lot of milk can cause kidney stones.
  • Some suspicions suggest that cow’s milk contains growth hormone, which will cause early puberty in children, shortening the time for height development.

For these reasons, parents should only give their children a sufficient amount of milk each day.

Let the children eat as they like

Many parents with the concept of “old age” should let children eat according to their preferences. At this age, most children are addicted to junk food or fast food, carbonated soft drinks. As a result, the child’s weight increases rapidly, affecting the growth of height.

Staying up late or lack of sleep

Sufficient sleep is very important to grow taller because growth hormones are mainly produced at night. Many children and adolescents have the habit of staying up late for homework or activities and this is bad for their health, although staying up late occasionally may not have much of an effect.

Parents should help their children go to bed early. Make sure to enhance their sleeping conditions with a comfortable space and temperature, less mobile device use, and no late-night snacking.

Let your child play with the phone a lot

The image of children glued to the phone screen is no longer a strange thing for everyone. When kids play with their phones a lot, three things can happen:

  • Bending the phone can cause the child to make the wrong posture.
  • Using the phone at night makes children sleepless, unable to sleep early.
  • Sitting in one place and clicking on the phone, not moving the body can cause obesity.


The standard height and weight of an 8-year-old girl is 126.6cm and 25kg. If the child has not achieved these indicators, parents need to have a reasonable plan to increase height because this is also the time when the child is about to enter the height acceleration stage.

The most effective way to help children increase height is to build a plan that is suitable for the child’s physical condition. A diet rich in fiber and protein along with regular exercise and proper rest will help children grow up quickly.